Target Seasonal Jobs: Positions, Benefits, and Tips to Land the Job

Last updated: July 14, 2024
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Target Seasonal Jobs: Positions, Benefits, and Tips to Land the Job
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Are you looking for a seasonal job at Target?

Whether you’re a teenager, student, part-time employee, or freelancer — seasonal work can be a great way to earn extra cash.

Understanding what seasonal jobs are and how you can pursue a position that fits your needs can help you find a job more easily.

This article will delve into the benefits you can expect from a seasonal job, give you a list of the 12 most popular seasonal jobs at Target, and provide you with tips to ace the application and interview process.

What are seasonal jobs?

Seasonal work is temporary employment that happens around certain seasons and holidays yearly.

These jobs are offered to meet organizational needs due to an increased number of customers or specific tasks that can only be done at certain times.

Seasonal hires typically occur during:

  • Holidays: E.g., retail shops may hire temporary workers during a busy holiday season, such as Christmas, due to the fluctuating number of customers.

  • Seasons due to changing weather: E.g., snowplow companies only need drivers during the winter when there’s snow, and waterparks only need lifeguards during the spring and summer months.

In retail, seasonal workers typically perform general duties, such as stocking shelves, serving customers, and working at the cash register.

Benefits of seasonal work

Here are some of the main benefits of getting a seasonal job:

1. Earn supplemental income

Some workers take seasonal jobs to earn extra cash.

For example, a person with a part-time or work-from-home job may want to work seasonal jobs to bring in income on top of the income they earn at their typical job.

2. Improve your resume

Seasonal work allows you to learn new hard and soft skills — skills you can use in future jobs.

  • Hard skills: These are objective, quantifiable skills that are learned through training, work experience, and school (computer skills, sales skills, etc.)

  • Soft skills: These are skills that enable you to effectively interact with other people (communication skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence, etc.)

You’ll be able to add these skills to your resume, showing a human resources officer that you have unique abilities. As a result, you’ll stand out from other candidates.

3. Reduce gaps in your employment history

Gaps in your employment history may look bad in the eyes of employers. This can hurt your chances of being hired.

Seasonal work allows you to fill those gaps to ensure continuous employment. This will make you look more reliable and hardworking.

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4. Increase your chances of getting a full-time job

If you have a specific company in mind that you want to work for as a full-time employee, working a seasonal job at that company might get your foot in the door.

As you work the seasonal job, the people in the business will get to know you.

This will allow you to show them what you have to offer and how hiring you permanently will benefit their company.

Seasonal work and holiday jobs at Target

The busy season, from late October through early January, means Target hires seasonal employees to handle the extra crowds at over 1,900 retail stores.

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Seasonal workers are typically scheduled for about 20 hours per week, depending on your availability and the needs of the store or warehouse where you apply. In-store Target employees, including seasonal workers, earn a minimum of $15 per hour in all 50 U.S. states.

In addition to seasonal in-store positions, Target hires temporary warehouse workers. **Warehouse wages begin at $18.71 per hour, with a potential $500 signing bonus. **

Seasonal work at Target is fast-paced and so is the hiring and application process. From application to interview can be 24–48 hours! Apply for one of these holiday jobs and you could be making extra year-end cash in no time.

Here’s the list of seasonal jobs you can apply for at Target.

Seasonal in-store jobs at Target

  1. Guest advocate:

Guest advocates work in the front end as cashiers and customer service staff, processing returns.

  1. General Merchandise Expert:

Works the main floor assisting customers and keeping displays neatly stocked. They also keep track of and maintain consistent inventory.

  1. Fulfillment Expert:

Works to fill customer pickup orders. They have to pick, sort, prep, and pack products safely.

  1. Food and Beverage Expert:

The grocery area's food and beverage expert is available to direct customers to products and ensure shelves are stocked. They need to make sure food is fresh and ready for purchase.

  1. Front of Store Attendant:

Welcomes and directs customers and collects carts. They’re responsible for making customers feel welcome and setting them up for an excellent shopping experience.

  1. Beauty Consultant:

Staffs the cosmetics department and offers sales assistance to customers, educating them on different products and helping them select the best option for their needs.

  1. Style Consultant:

Works in the women’s, men’s, or children’s departments and assists with sizes and general styling advice. If a product is out of stock at the selected Target store, they also need to check the database to see if other locations have it in stock.

  1. Inbound Expert:

Accepts shipments at the loading docks, checks paperwork, and unloads products. They’re also responsible for making sure that all deliveries are accurate.

  1. Food Service Expert:

Works in stores with an in-house restaurant and takes customer orders, prepares food, and delivers orders.

  1. Starbucks Barista:

Makes coffee according to Starbucks specifications (training provided) and serves food items to customers.

Seasonal warehouse jobs at Target

  1. Warehouse worker:

Receive and process freight, manage inventory, load and ship merchandise to stores, and ensure all shipments arrive on time.

  1. Packer:

Quality check merchandise, ticket certain merchandise with a handgun, and complete paperwork.

Tips when applying for a seasonal job at Target

Here are some tips you can follow when applying for a seasonal position at Target:

Tip 1: Apply early

Applying before the season begins will likely increase your chances of getting hired. For example, if you want to apply for a Christmas position, consider starting to apply in early fall.

Many employers list jobs ahead of time so that they’re prepared when the season begins.

Tip 2: Keep your schedule flexible

Temporary work doesn’t always follow standard working hours. You’ll also be required to work additional hours sometimes.

Therefore, it’s best to have as much flexibility with your schedule as possible to work whenever the employer needs you.

If you have another employer, it’s important to let the temporary employer know so that they can work your schedule around those hours.

Tip 3: Adjust your resume

Make sure you customize your resume to suit the requirements of the seasonal position.

If you see that the employer emphasizes a certain skill in the job post details you already have listed on your resume, be sure to move it to the top of your resume to make it as visible as possible.

List any past work experience or skills that’d make you a better fit for the position. But always be honest.

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Tips when interviewing for a seasonal job at Target

Here are some tips you can use when interviewing for a seasonal position at Target.

Tip 1: Prepare for your interview

Prepare for any interview questions the interviewer might throw your way. Here’s a list of employers' most common interview questions and how you should answer them.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, as this will demonstrate your interest in the position.

Tip 2: Dress professionally

Make sure that you look professional when going for your interview. You don’t have to dress overly formally for an interview at Target. Your best bet would be to go for a business casual look, such as a dress shirt with black slacks, a skirt, and a blouse, or a polo shirt with chinos.

Tip 3: Research the company and position

Make sure that you research Target beforehand to ensure that you know what the company values most. That way, you’ll be able to answer all the interview questions and align your strengths with the position’s requirements.

Target is a great option for finding seasonal job opportunities. It offers multiple positions suited to people with various skills and levels of experience.

If you don’t find a seasonal job with Target, Amazon and Walmart also offer these types of positions.



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