Why you should apply to these remote seasonal jobs right now

Last updated: May 26, 2024
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Why you should apply to these remote seasonal jobs right now
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Seasonal jobs are an excellent way for workers to generate some extra cash without committing to a long-term position.

But what if you can’t squeeze in more time to commute to a seasonal job — or what if you’ve got kids at home during these seasonal peaks?

If that’s you, consider finding a remote seasonal job instead. You can comfortably stay at home while putting in some extra work hours — and there’s little to no experience required for many of these job opportunities.

Keep reading to learn more about remote seasonal jobs and find examples of companies hiring for these types of positions right now.

What is a remote seasonal job?

Seasonal jobs are temporary work opportunities during an industry’s peak seasons. Not all industries have seasonal peaks, but companies in those that do often need to hire extra help.

Most seasonal jobs, like those in hospitality, are available in person. But remote work is now an important part of the work landscape in the US — 80% of employees believe their employers are likely to maintain their flexible or remote work policies.

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So, if you’d prefer to work from home, you can get a remote seasonal job. That’s because businesses that rely on online customer service during seasonal peaks need extra help to deal with the influx of new customers just as much as retail locations.

And because only 9% of employees believe their employers are likely to get rid of remote work, there’s a good chance you can find a company that will hire you to perform these seasonal tasks from the comfort of your own home.

Is it worth getting a remote seasonal job?

While seasonal jobs aren’t for everyone, they’re helpful in many scenarios.

Let’s explore the benefits of getting a remote seasonal job so that you can establish whether you’d like to look for one.

1. Bridge your income without leaving your home

With a seasonal position as a second job, you can get some extra cash or save up for an emergency fund or the holidays.

And with a remote position, you don’t need to commute, which reduces the time you’ll have to invest in your seasonal job. You’ll also save on commuting costs, such as gasoline, keeping more of that second income in your pocket.

If you already have a remote full-time job, you can transition from it to your seasonal remote job in just a few minutes. As long as the hours don’t overlap, you can do both jobs from your current location.

2. Develop additional skills

If your current job isn’t helping you level up your skills, a remote seasonal job can help you get there.

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Remote seasonal jobs help you improve your computer skills and ability to focus. If your position involves frequent team calls, you can also practice your active listening skills.

3. Close a resume gap

Finding it difficult to explain a gap on your resume? Close that gap with a seasonal job instead of holding out for your ideal position.

Getting a remote seasonal job lets you enhance your resume without committing to a long-term job. This will give you time to search for your dream job.

Plus, companies that hire seasonal workers often want to hire quickly. That means you’ll find it easier to land a seasonal job. If you’ve been struggling to get back on your feet in between jobs, this can go a long way in helping you transition back into the workforce.

5 remote seasonal jobs you can land with little to no experience

Want to see what remote seasonal work can look like? Here are five examples of remote seasonal jobs you can get if you don’t have a college degree or lots of work experience.

1. Sales & service specialist at Harry & David

As a seasonal sales & service specialist at Harry & David, you’ll take helpline calls and assist customers.

During these calls, you’ll be helping customers navigate the company website. If a customer struggles to complete an order online, it’ll be your responsibility to help them through it.

You’ll also perform outgoing sales calls to increase the company’s sales volume during the holiday season.

Finally, you’ll provide sales and product support via social media, email, and online chat.

Harry & David prefers at least one year of experience in customer service, but it’s not required to land this job. Those who get hired will receive two weeks of training before they work with customers directly.

The estimated wage for this position is the equivalent of between $28,000 and $39,000 per year.

2. Seasonal customer care specialist at Kendra Scott

Seasonal customer care specialists at Kendra Scott who get hired during the peak season answer customer calls and emails to help them resolve any issues they may have.

To ensure customer satisfaction, you’ll also need to swiftly follow up on any unresolved customer issues. To do this, you’ll need to make thoughtful and logical decisions on the fly.

You’ll be expected to make suggestions if you see opportunities to improve the company’s customer service processes. You may also need to help train and support new team members.

Although this is a weekday position, you’ll have varying hours depending on peak selling times.

This remote seasonal position isn’t quite entry-level since the position is customer care specialist. However, it’ll give you more experience in the customer service industry.

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One to two years of retail or customer service experience are needed to get this job. If you’ve already worked in one of these settings, you’ll be a great candidate for Kendra Scott.

The estimated wage is the equivalent of $24,000 to $34,000 per year.

3. Booking agent at Poppins Productions

Seasonal booking agents at Poppins Productions are social media specialists who provide assistance to corporate offices and sister organizations during the peak season. You’ll help book live performances for artists, which can include:

  • Concerts

  • Gigs

  • Tours

  • Radio and TV performances

You’ll work closely with artists and entertainers, as well as their managers and promoters. As part of your work with them, you’ll negotiate and issue contracts as well as collect deposits and send out promotional materials.

You don’t need experience, but you do need a strong knowledge of the music industry. If you love geeking out about current music trends, this would be an excellent seasonal job for you.

You’ll also need strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask.

Pay is between $16 and $30 per hour for this position. You’ll find both part-time and full-time seasonal job openings at Poppins Productions.

4. Tax preparer for several accounting firms

Tax season is a particularly busy time for bookkeepers and accountants. That’s why companies such as H&R Block and Three 27 Accounting Services hire seasonal tax preparers to help out.

To be a tax preparer, you’ll need basic knowledge of computer software, such as Excel and Quickbooks, but your employer will train you to do the required tasks. You need to be comfortable working with a computer. You also need exceptional time management skills to succeed in this role.

Most accounting firms pay seasonal remote workers between $20 and $40 per hour. The exact pay you’ll get will depend on how much experience you have. For instance, you’ll likely get paid more if you’ve helped friends and family complete their tax returns in the past.

You may also get paid overtime during peak tax season.

5. Inbound sales representative at Nextten Stauer

Are you good at influencing other people? If so, consider getting a seasonal job as an inbound sales representative for Nextten Stauer.

In this remote job, you’ll sell luxury goods via phone. You’ll get an $18-per-hour base pay as well as a commission for the products you sell. When you get hired, you’ll receive in-person training and then do your work remotely on a flexible schedule.

With the base pay and commission, the average sales representative at Nextten Stauer makes $20–$22 per hour.

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You can get a $500 bonus if you stay at Nextten Stauer for 60 days or more. You may also get an offer for a full-time position — if that’s something you want. The company’s training program will help you learn new skills in inbound sales, and it can even help you become an account manager in three years or less.

So, if you’re not sure whether you want a seasonal or permanent position, consider giving this role a try.

Land a remote seasonal job using Jobcase

Whether you want to work full-time during the seasonal peak or just want to put in a few extra hours, you’ll find several companies that are willing to hire seasonal workers remotely.

Did you know that you can use Jobcase to search for remote-only seasonal jobs? Simply enter a relevant keyword, such as “seasonal,” then specify your state and select the Remote/Work from Home only option on the job search tool.

Create a free Jobcase account to save your job searches and get notified whenever a new remote seasonal job opportunity becomes available.



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