Popular positions at McDonald’s

Last updated: July 15, 2024
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Popular positions at McDonald’s
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Popular job types at McDonald's

Whether you're looking a part-time job or full-time work, McDonald’s is one of the most recognized names in quick serve restaurant business. If you enjoy working on a team and love interacting with the public, McDonald’s has the perfect position to fit your lifestyle.

McDonald's Crew Member

Crew members work in the kitchen but can also work the drive-thru. **Crew members earn between $8 - $10/hour **depending on the restaurant's location. States with lower minimum wages will see the pay closer to the $8/hour.

Duties include:

  • Greeting customers with a smile
  • Taking accurate food orders
  • Preparing all of the food
  • Partnering with other Crew and Managers to meet target goals during your shift
  • Restaurant Cleanliness
  • Ensuring items are well stocked

McDonald's Cashier

Cashiers take orders for customers, make change for customers when necessary, and assist with self-order kiosks. Cashiers earn $8–$14/hour, depending on location.

Duties include:

  • Maintain a fast speed of service, especially during rush times
  • Take orders from customers and input their selections into the restaurant’s computer systems
  • Assemble orders on trays or in bags depending on the type of order
  • Process large orders for events

Cook at McDonald's

Cooks work in the kitchen and prepare orders for customers. Cooks earn $9–$13/hour, depending on location.

Duties include:

  • Prepares meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner rush hours
  • Follows recipes with great attention to detail
  • Always applies food safety principles
  • Communicates with cashiers, and crew members

McDonald's Shift Manager

Shift Managers provide leadership to crew and other managers to ensure great quality, service, and cleanliness to customers. Shift managers earn $8–$17/hour, depending on location.

Duties include: A McDonald's Shift Manager's goal is to make sure customers have a great experience every time they visit. Shift managers are responsible for food safety, internal communication, and scheduling.

Department Managers

McDonald's Managers lead shifts every week, making sure customers get a fast, accurate, friendly experience every visit. But some managers also lead departments. These managers’ responsibilities may include managing assigned systems, like

  • Training, Food Safety
  • Inventory Management
  • Setting goals
  • Delegating tasks to their teams, following up, and reporting results back to their team and other managers

Here are the specific duties for the various departments

Guest Service Department Manager

  • Crew and Managers deliver a great customer experience
  • Sales promotions are done well
  • Service staff are trained in service procedures
  • The Front Counter McCafé and Drive-Thru areas are organized for the best service
  • These managers earn up to $16.50/hour, depending on location

Kitchen Department Manager

  • Making sure the restaurant delivers great quality food to customers, and fast
  • Food is always safe, that food cost is controlled
  • The kitchen staff is trained in production procedures, including new items that are added to the menu
  • These managers earn $10–$15/hour, depending on location

People Department Manager

  • Making sure the restaurant hires qualified crew
  • Trains them well, and schedules them to meet restaurant sales and profit goals.
  • This manager’s responsibilities may also include making sure the Crew gets off to a good start at the restaurant and that they are recognized and motivated throughout their time working there
  • These managers earn $10–$15/hour, depending on location
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