How much does a pharmacy technician make?

Last updated: July 23, 2024
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How much does a pharmacy technician make?
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There are currently 419,300 pharmacy technician jobs in the U.S., and the industry is slowly growing.

If you don't have experience but want a career in healthcare, a pharmacy technician position is a good place to start.

In the following salary guide, we'll tell you what a pharmacy technician does and the skills you'll need to get a job.

We'll take a look at data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and show you what the average pharmacy technician salary is.

This article will also compare salaries in different industries and states.

Finally, we'll tell you about the work benefits and where to start your job search.

What is a pharmacy technician?

Pharmacy technicians work in retail pharmacies, drug stores, and hospitals.

They offer support to pharmacists. For example, they help fill and label prescriptions, assist customers, restock shelves, and answer the phones.

Pharmacy technicians may use the computer to input customer details. They also process cash and credit card payments.

If a customer has a query, the pharmacy technician will ask the pharmacist for help.

Pharmacy technicians work full-time or part-time. Most positions are entry-level, with on-the-job training programs.

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What skills do you need to be a pharmacy technician?

To work as a pharmacy technician, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent. Some people study pharmacy technology to improve their chances of getting a job.

If you want to work as a certified pharmacy technician (CPHT) with more responsibilities, you'll need to get a license from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Pharmacy technicians need excellent customer service and communication skills. They need to have both computer skills and basic math skills.

To be successful as a pharmacy technician, you'll also need organizational skills and great attention to detail.

Scripts and prescriptions need to be accurate, and you'll need to give customers the right health advice.

You'll need good listening skills and an interest in healthcare. You’ll also need to be confident answering the phone and recording data.

Pharmacy techs work closely with the pharmacist and other staff members, so the ability to work in a team environment is essential.

What is the average pharmacy technician salary?

The following salary averages are for pharmacy technicians who work full-time.

In the U.S., the national average salary for a pharmacy tech is $35,100 per year. The average hourly wage is $16.87.

Those at the lower end of the payscale make less than $25,400 per year. Some pharmacy technicians make over $50,430 per year.

The pay rate for pharmacy technicians can vary depending on industry and location. Those starting in entry-level positions usually make less than those with years of experience.

Pharmacy technicians may be able to increase their pay with extra training and certification.

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Which industries pay the most?

Pharmacy technicians work in different industries, and this can have an impact on the average salary.

Those who work in hospitals make the most, with an average annual salary of $39,290.

Hospitals can be public or private, and pharmacy techs may have a roster that includes evening shifts.

The second-highest paying industry is pharmacies and drug stores. Team members usually work full-time, and the average salary is $33,110 per year.

Those working in the food and beverage industry make the least, with an average annual salary of $32,320.

How does a pharmacy technician salary vary between states?

How much can a pharmacy technician make in different states?

Where you live can affect your average pay, so let's take a look at some of the highest-paying cities and states.

  • San Francisco - $56,020

  • California - $47,620

  • Washington- $46,400

  • Columbia - $46,240

  • Oregon - $43,410

  • New York - $37,100

  • Texas - $37,010

  • Florida - $34,880

  • North Carolina - $27,970

Remember, the cost of living can also have an impact on the yearly salary.

What is the job outlook for pharmacy technicians?

There are currently over 400,000 pharmacy tech jobs.

If the growth rate continues on its current trajectory, there'll be an extra 16,600 jobs created within the next decade.

Expect a rise of 4% in total jobs, which is good but slightly slower than average.

What benefits do pharmacy technicians get?

Those working as pharmacy technicians get a range of benefits. It can be a rewarding job in healthcare, with on-the-job training.

Most full-time employees get paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and health and dental insurance.

Depending on the employer, they may also get store discounts and ongoing training opportunities.

What career paths are available for pharmacy technicians?

Pharmacy technicians may decide they want to look for other opportunities in healthcare.

If you want to stay in a pharmacy role, you may want to consider a job as a pharmacy aide or pharmacist. Pharmacists need a degree, but they make an average of $128,710 per year or $61.88 per hour.

Some pharmacy technicians may want to start a career in nursing as a nursing assistant. These workers make an average of $30,830 per year or $14.82 per hour.

They may also want to study for a degree in nursing. Nurses make $75,330 per year or $36.22 per hour.

Other popular healthcare roles include medical receptionists, dental hygienists, and physician assistants.

Where to find pharmacy technician jobs

There are pharmacy technician job openings on Jobcase’s job board. You can browse by job type and location.

If you have the right qualifications, you may even be able to apply for a job as a pharmacist.

There may be a job waiting for you in your area.

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Finding a job as a pharmacy technician

Are you interested in working as a pharmacy technician? The good news is, most of these jobs are entry-level, so you can start straight away.

This article gave you a rundown of the role and told you what skills you'll need.

We also told you about the average salary for pharmacy technicians and how the pay scale can vary depending on the industry.

Plus, we compared the salary between states and told you about the job outlook.

​We even went through the benefits you can expect and other career paths you may like to consider.

Are you looking for a job? Browse our job board to find openings near you.



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