Part-time jobs with benefits

Last updated: June 16, 2024
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Part-time jobs with benefits
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Did you know around 26.12 million people in the US work part-time?

Part-time jobs give you flexibility and a work-life balance. You can work for multiple companies, study, explore creative pursuits, or juggle a busy schedule.

Traditionally, part-time workers have missed out on the perks and benefits that full-time employment provides.

The good news is more companies are now offering benefits to part-timers, such as 401K plans, health insurance, and vacation time.

If you're considering part-time employment, we're here to help. Read on as we explain the types of benefits available to you and provide a list of companies that offer employee benefits to part-time associates.

What is a part-time job?

A part-time job has fewer hours than a full-time job. Each company will have its own definition of part-time, but it's typically less than 35 hours per week.

Part-time positions vary from company to company. They can be anything from entry-level positions in hospitality to reduced capacity at a high-earning job.

One of the things that makes a part-time role different from a full-time one is that it often comes with different benefits, so it's important to know what's on offer before you accept a role.

Some of the important factors setting apart part-time jobs from full-time employment include:

Hours and scheduling

With a part-time job, you'll usually work fewer hours than with a regular full-time job. Some positions may have flexible scheduling options, as part-time workers often fill in the gaps of full-time workers.


Part-time jobs typically pay less than standard full-time positions. This can work if you're looking to supplement your income or gain experience in a new field, but it's important that you don't take a job that pays far below what you need to live comfortably.

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Benefits and perks

Part-time jobs typically don't have the same benefits and perks as full-time positions. However, more employers are now offering some sort of benefits package to part-time employees, such as 401K plans, health insurance, and vacation time.

Part-time jobs can be an excellent way to supplement your income, gain experience, and add additional skills to your resume.

So, what benefits are available with part-time jobs?

It can be difficult for part-time employees to manage their finances if they’ve got outgoings such as tuition, health coverage, and retirement costs. However, some companies offer benefits to part-time employees to help lower these costs.

Some of the benefits that may be available to you include:

Health insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a law that makes it mandatory for employers to offer health plans to full-time and part-time employees. The ACA applies to anyone who works over 30 hours per week or a minimum of 130 hours per month.

Some companies may also offer a healthcare plan to those working less than 30 hours a week.

Why is it important to find a job with health insurance?

Health insurance benefits give you coverage for unexpected medical bills that you might not be able to cover yourself. If something happened to you and you didn’t have health insurance, you could be looking at a big hospital bill.

It also provides medical coverage for day-to-day care, such as dentist appointments, prescription drugs, and other elements of regular healthcare (the specifics vary from company to company).

When it comes to health insurance, part-time medical benefits may not be the same as full-time benefits. However, you can expect general medical, basic dental, vision insurance, prescription drug coverage, short-term disability coverage, and life insurance.

Parental leave

You may be eligible for maternity or parental leave. You can expect this type of leave if you’ve worked at the company for over one year with a minimum of 1,250 hours.

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Employers in the US aren’t required to offer paid parental leave. However, some do offer paid leave benefits to attract and retain employees.

If you’re a part-time employee, maternity or paternity leave will usually be unpaid. But you could get up to 12 weeks off after your child's birth.

To be eligible for 12 weeks off, you’ll usually have to meet the following requirements:

  • 12 months of employment

  • Worked at least 1,250 hours during the last year

  • Work at a location where the organization employs over 50 people within 75 miles

Retirement plans

It isn't uncommon for part-time workers to have access to a retirement plan, also known as a 401(k). You can contribute a portion of your wages to your retirement savings plan, and your employer will match it.

Each company has its own set limit that they’ll match to employee contributions.

To qualify for a 401(k) plan, you must meet certain conditions.

Up until recently, there was a three-year requirement. It was enacted as part of the Secure Act of 2019.

However, recent changes mean that part-time employees can access 401(k) plans more easily.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Part-time workers must log between 500 and 999 hours for two consecutive years to qualify for their employer’s 401(k) plan.

  • Companies must also grant eligibility for employees who work at least 1,000 hours in a single year.

  • You must be at least 21 years old.

Time off

Another benefit to look for is time off. Most companies give full-time employees vacation, sick days, and personal days. Some companies will also extend this benefit to part-time employees.

However, there are differences between each of these types of time off. Let's break it down:

Vacation days

This type of benefit is designed to give employees an opportunity to take a break from work and enjoy some leisure time. Vacation days are usually accrued with each year of employment, allowing you to build up the number of days you have available. Part-time employees may receive a portion of the total vacation days offered to full-time employees.

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Sick days

These are days off from work due to illness or injury. The number of sick days offered varies from company to company, but employers generally offer at least some form of paid sick leave. One of the main benefits of having sick days is that it gives employees a chance to take time off and focus on their own health.

Personal days

One of the more flexible options, personal days, can be used for any purpose but not necessarily for leisure. This type of time off could be used for personal errands, appointments, or events.

Part-time employees may still qualify for vacation, sick, and personal days, which should be outlined in your employee handbook. Remember, each company has its own set of benefits and policies when it comes to part-time employment. Be sure to read any official documentation and ask questions to ensure you understand the benefits package.

The top 10 companies offering part-time jobs with benefits

Are you getting ready to start your job search for a part-time job with a comprehensive benefits package?

Here are ten of the best companies to work for and the types of benefits you may be eligible for.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is the most recognizable coffee chain in the world and employs over 400,000 people. Roles include baristas, managers, and team leaders.

Starbucks offers both full-time and part-time workers a number of benefits. These include medical insurance, dental coverage, and vision plans.

They also have a 401(k) program that matches your contributions until you reach their limit.

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Eligible part-timers can access exclusive stock equity rewards, tuition assistance, and paid vacation leave. Plus, you’ll get a 30% employee discount and free coffee.

To take advantage of these perks, you’ll need to work for at least 240 hours within three months.

Want to work there? Browse Starbucks jobs.

2. Amazon

Amazon employs over a million people worldwide. The company is known for its large virtual marketplace and is one of the biggest companies in the US.

While it may depend on your location, most Amazon employees who work more than 20 hours per week are entitled to some benefits.

The list includes medical insurance, dental coverage, vision insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance coverage. If you’re entitled to the 401(k) program, Amazon will match 50%.

Most Amazon employees receive a starting salary of $15 per hour or more. This rate is double the federal minimum wage in the US.

Plus, you’ll get a 10% store discount at Amazon and a Christmas bonus. This bonus is usually half of what a full-timer receives.

Want to work there? Browse Amazon jobs.

3. Staples

Staples is a well-known office supply company. They have over 1,600 stores in the US and a mix of full-time and part-time workers.

Associates who work part-time at Staples are entitled to health benefits. You’ll get medical, dental, and vision insurance plans.

You may be eligible for a flexible spending account to set aside money for unexpected expenses. And you’ll have access to a pre-tax 401(k) plan that the company will match.

You may have access to sick and vacation leave depending on your work hours.

Staples employees get a 10% discount in-store and online.

Want to work there? Browse Staples jobs.

4. General Mills

General Mills is a food company selling well-known, quality brands. General Mills has over 35,000 employees worldwide, including full-time and part-time roles.

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Those who work part-time at General Mills may get healthcare benefits such as dental and vision care. The company offers flexible work arrangements, and some employees can work from home.

If you excel in the workplace, you’ll get a pay raise based on your performance.

You’ll also have access to the 401(k) and General Mills employee stock purchase plan options. Depending on your work hours, you may get maternity or paternity leave.

General Mills supports its workers with their education and offers tuition reimbursement and unpaid leave for study purposes.

Want to work there? Browse General Mills jobs.

5. Chipotle Mexican Grill

The Chipotle chain of Mexican restaurants is famous for burritos and tacos that are fresh and fast. Chipotle has over 85,000 employees, and many of them are on an hourly wage.

If you’re part of the Chipotle team, you may be eligible for medical insurance, vision plans, and dental insurance benefits.

You’ll also get access to wellness programs, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, and tuition assistance. You may receive a quarterly bonus or paid time off, depending on your circumstances.

Plus, Chipotle employees can eat for free during their shifts. They also get a staff discount if they dine during their time off.

Want to work there? Browse Chipotle jobs.

6. REI (Recreational Equipment Inc)

REI is a cooperative retailer that sells camping, sporting, and outdoor goods. The company has over 13,000 employees and 18 million members.

You'll get a wide range of employee benefits if you’re a part-time worker and work more than 20 hours per week.

REI offers medical plans, disability coverage, and dental and vision options.

You may get medical, family, and paid parental leave. Depending on how many hours you work, you may get sick days, paid time off, and unpaid personal leave of absence.

REI allows team members to share company profits with their dedicated retirement benefits plan. If you want to contribute to your future, you can take advantage of the 401(k) plan.

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Employees get 50% off REI-branded clothing and 30% off other merchandise.

Want to work there? Browse REI jobs.

7. Macy’s

Macy’s offers part-time roles in their stores across the US. These include sales assistants, managers, and back-office staff. They provide flexible and well-planned schedules for employees.

As a part-time worker, you’ll get health benefits and retirement benefits. And if you work up to 20 hours per week, you get employee discounts at the store.

The store also gives you on-the-job training, and there’s room for career growth if that’s something you’re interested in.

Want to work there? Browse Macy’s jobs.

8. Home Depot

Home Depot is an online and in-store retailer that supplies tools, appliances, and other home products.

Although Home Depot stopped providing health insurance for part-time employees in 2014, they still offer a variety of benefits. These include vision, dental, and life insurance. You also get critical illness protection and a hospital indemnity plan.

The minimum amount of hours required to get these benefits is 30 hours, which is almost full-time.

Want to work there? Browse Home Depot jobs.

9. Aerotek

Aerotek is a global recruitment agency. Part-time employees who work over 20 hours per week get medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage. And that goes for your dependents, too.

You also get life insurance, as well as accidental death, dismemberment, and disability coverage.

There are 401(k) and 529 savings plans for retirement, as well as tuition reimbursement for career-related courses. They also offer paid holidays, which is a great bonus for part-time employees.

Want to work there? Browse Aerotek jobs.

10. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery chain located throughout the US. Their headquarters are in California.

Working part-time at Trader Joe’s gives you a retirement plan to which they’ll contribute 10% of your annual salary. You get access to low-cost insurance plans for medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Part-time employees also get 10% off their store goods, as well as paid time off, performance-based promotions, and career development opportunities.

Want to work there? Browse Trader Joe’s jobs.

Common part-time job positions

Now that you know the top ten companies offering part-time jobs with benefits for employees, it's time to explore some of the most common positions for part-time workers.

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  1. Cashier

One of the most popular part-time roles is that of a cashier. Cashiers are responsible for processing customer orders, handling money, and providing exceptional customer service. These roles are often found in grocery store chains, restaurants, and supermarkets.

  1. Barista

Baristas prepare and serve coffee drinks to customers in cafes, restaurants, and other establishments. This is an ideal part-time job for those who want to work in a fast-paced atmosphere and love interacting with customers.

  1. Retail sales associate

Retail sales associates work in retail stores, helping customers find what they need and providing product advice. This is a great part-time job for those interested in fashion, home goods, and other retail products.

  1. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives help customers solve problems by providing information, responding to inquiries, and troubleshooting. This is an ideal position for those with strong communication skills who enjoy helping others.

  1. Delivery driver

Delivery drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering items to customers in a timely manner. This is an ideal job for those who enjoy driving and prefer a more independent role.

  1. Housekeeper

Housekeepers provide general cleaning services in homes or businesses. This is a great job for those who want flexible hours and prefer to work alone.

  1. Personal care aide

Personal care aides, sometimes referred to as certified nursing assistants, provide direct care to elderly, disabled, or sick individuals. This is a great job for those interested in the healthcare industry who want to make a difference.

  1. Seasonal employee

Companies often hire seasonal employees to help with the influx of customers during peak times. This can be a great job for those looking for short-term or temporary work. These types of jobs are usually available during the holidays or summer months.

Understanding your part-time benefits package

Part-time benefits packages vary from company to company and you should understand the terminology to ensure you choose the right job.

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Health insurance vs. Medical insurance

Health insurance and medical coverage are two different things. Health insurance is more comprehensive. It can cover preventative care, critical illness, hospital care, and even maternity coverage. Medical coverage is more limited. It applies to specific treatments and services, usually upto a pre-specified amount.

Part-time employees may qualify for health insurance, though it typically comes at a higher cost than full-time benefits packages.

Life insurance vs. Accidental death and dismemberment

Life insurance provides a lump sum payment to survivors upon the death of an employee, while accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) provides coverage for events such as workplace accidents.

Part-time workers may qualify for life insurance, but AD&D is rarely offered in part-time benefit packages.

Short-term disability benefit vs. Paid leave benefits

Short-term disability insurance coverage provides protection for part-time workers in case of an injury or illness that prevents them from working. The coverage typically lasts three to six months, depending on the policy and the company.

Paid leave benefits can provide a financial cushion in cases of extended illness, maternity and paternity leave, and other life events. Depending on the company's policy, part-time workers may be eligible for paid leave benefits.

Retirement plans vs. 401(k)

Retirement plans are employer-sponsored plans that allow employees to save for the future. 401(k)s provide tax-advantaged savings and allow employers to match employee contributions up to a certain limit.

Part-time workers may be eligible for 401(k)s, depending on their hours worked.

Find your next part-time job

We've given you a list of the top ten companies that offer part-time jobs with benefits.

Remember, all companies have their own rules, and if you're unsure, you should check the eligibility requirements with your employer.

Before starting your job search, make sure that you have your resume, cover letter, and references ready.

You can browse Jobcase’s search for open positions and read our job seeker resources.



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