14 IT jobs you can do from home

Last updated: June 17, 2024
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14 IT jobs you can do from home
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Jobs in information technology (IT) typically include working with a computer using an internet connection. While this would make for a great setup for remote work, most tech employees still commute to work.

However, this might be about to change. More companies than ever allow hybrid work models or even 100% remote work. Buffer found that 46% of companies even plan to offer remote work permanently to their employees in the future.

This will surely include IT departments and workers in tech-related jobs.

This article will cover which IT jobs can be done from home, even with no experience or only part-time. We also note the average pay and necessary qualifications.

What are work-from-home jobs?

A work-from-home job is a job where you don’t have to work from the office. Instead, you’ll work from home (or anywhere else you’d like). This practice is also called telecommuting.

For IT jobs, this means that you perform your tasks remotely over a computer with a stable internet connection. You’ll use specific software and technology to participate in meetings and communicate with your colleagues.

Full-time employees, freelancers, and part-time employees can perform work-from-home IT jobs.

What skills are important for IT remote work?

If you want to transition from an office job to a remote IT position, you also need certain qualities, skills, and equipment to be successful. The most important skills are:

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IT jobs you can do from home

Do you think working in IT may be a good fit for you? Let’s take a look at 14 job opportunities, along with their requirements and average pay:

1. IT support specialist (customer service)

IT support specialists, also called computer support specialists, typically help coworkers or clients fix problems with their equipment. This can range from laptops to company phones to office technology. Some companies also offer this service as part of their customer service.

Average salary: $51,041/year

Necessary qualification: High school diploma or associate degree plus certification or bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar,

2. Web developer

If you work as a web developer, you'll create and build websites and applications either for personal or commercial use. You do this by writing code that tells the computer or site how to operate. Depending on your skills, you might also work on the website’s design and look.

Average salary: $60,337/year

Necessary qualification: No specific college degree is required, but learning coding languages is a must.

3. Data scientist

Working as an IT data scientist requires you to work through complex and sometimes messy data sets. They can be everything from small and structured to large and unstructured. Your job as an analytical expert will be to analyze and interpret the gathered data, create different models, and come up with actionable plans for your company.

Average salary: $83,094/year

Necessary qualification: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, statistics, economics, or similar fields.

4. Data entry specialist

Being a data entry specialist means that you’ll take information from different sources and put it into a computer-based system. This online job is often also called data entry clerk. Data entry jobs require you to be detail-oriented, accurate, and quick at typing.

Average salary: $30,760/year

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Necessary qualification: High school diploma, most training happens on the job.

5. IT project manager

If you love managing projects from start to finish in the IT industry, consider becoming an IT project manager. You’ll manage IT projects of various sizes and make sure they are on track to be completed on time.

This job includes planning the entire project, leading your project team, managing project budgets, and bridging the gap between stakeholders, clients, and your company.

Average salary: $88,654/year

Necessary qualification: Bachelor’s or master’s degree, project management skills.

6. Virtual assistant

As the name suggests, in this job, you work as a virtual administrative assistant and don’t have to be present at the company’s office. You could also be an independent contractor and work for multiple companies.

Typically, you perform administrative tasks, which a secretary or assistant would usually do. This includes scheduling appointments, booking travel arrangements, sending thank you notes, and more.

Average salary: $32,340/year

Necessary qualification: High school diploma, organizational, computer and communication skills are a must.

7. IT freelance writer

Freelance writing in IT allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world. If you have deep knowledge of IT and the tech industry in general, you might want to help businesses create content. This can be for their marketing materials, website, or IT blogs.

Average salary: $48,380/year

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Necessary qualification: No degree required, but a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a similar field is a plus.

8. Cybersecurity analyst

As most businesses operate online, cybersecurity is an important aspect for every company.

The main tasks of a cybersecurity analyst include monitoring your company’s networks and infrastructure for potential security threats. You’ll also implement security standards such as data protection systems.

Average salary: $76,820/year

Necessary qualification: Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, information security, computer science, or a related area.

9. IT systems engineer

As an IT systems engineer, you are the person in charge of creating and overseeing computer systems related to the company’s operations. This can include various tasks, from working on robotic machinery to developing software to managing power systems.

Your job is to assess and address your company's needs, usually for production and manufacturing purposes.

Average salary: $76,686/year

Necessary qualification: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field.

10. Tech consulting

If you have knowledge in the IT industry and love sharing it with clients, tech consulting could be right for you.

You typically work as an external analyst and consult businesses on IT infrastructure, software programs, and information technology. You can also evaluate existing systems and help companies improve them to meet their business objectives.

Average salary: $80,393/year

Necessary qualification: Degree in computer science, information systems, software engineering, IT, or any related field.

11. Data warehouse analyst

When working as a data warehouse analyst, you’re responsible for designing, building, and managing systems to store your company’s data.

You then gather, process, and analyze information to make recommendations on how to improve data storage. Moreover, your job can include implementing solutions to the issues you find.

Average salary: $82,848/year

Necessary qualification: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, database administration, or other relevant disciplines.

12. IT systems administrator

System administrators keep IT systems in their company running smoothly. Their job responsibilities include making sure that hardware and software operate correctly and installing necessary applications. They also acquire and update older software, test systems for efficiency, and maintain employee accounts.

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Average salary: $63,356/year

Necessary qualification: Associate or bachelor's degree in computer science, system administration, IT, and related areas.

13. Website tester

Businesses need intuitive and easy-to-use websites to stay competitive.

As a website tester, you check out a company’s website and evaluate the user experience as a regular website visitor. After the test, you give unbiased feedback on the website’s performance and how to improve the website for the better.

Average salary: $50,000/year

Necessary qualification: High school diploma, certification, or bachelor’s degree are a plus.

14. Solutions architect

As a solutions architect, you solve businesses’ problems with technical solutions. You’ll interact with numerous departments and discuss the current systems or implement new ones.

Average salary: $120,547/year

Necessary qualification: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology, or similar field. Experience is a plus.

Where can you find IT jobs from home?

If you already have an IT job, you can try to convince your boss that telecommuting can be beneficial for them too.

If working remotely with your current employer isn’t an option, or you’re just starting your career, apply for a job at companies you know hire remote workers.

An easier way to find such a remote job is by using a job board like Jobcase for remote IT and tech jobs. With Jobcase, you can filter for remote work only on its platform.

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How do you find your favorite IT work-from-home job?

Working from home is possible in the tech industry — even without a degree or certification. Your first step is to decide on the remote position to apply for by looking at what interests you and whether your existing qualifications are a good match.

From there, have a look at Jobcase’s Remote Work Resource Center and the Getting Hired Resource Center for more help and support. Also, check whether your resume is solid and up-to-date.

All done? Great! Now go to the Jobcase job board, find your dream job, and apply.

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