All about H&R Block careers

Last updated: April 25, 2024
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All about H&R Block careers
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H&R Block understands that tax returns can be complicated. With a dedicated team, this company supports individuals and businesses with their tax preparation needs.

If you’re interested in numbers and customer service, you can apply for a job at H&R Block. The company is hiring at locations across the country.

But before you apply, there are a few things you should know. In this comprehensive H&R Block guide, you’ll find information about the company’s employment opportunities, benefit offerings, and background check process.

Plus, we’ll tell you how the application process works and give you tips for your resume. Read on to improve your chances of landing a job at this innovative company.

What is H&R Block?

Brothers Henry and Richard Bloch started H&R Block in 1955. H&R Block is a company specializing in tax preparation with branches in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Since the company launched, the team at H&R Block has filed over 800 million tax returns.

Tax professionals can help customers in different ways. For example, some tax professionals will file your taxes for you and others provide support while customers submit their own tax returns online.

H&R Block offers a versatile full service where they take care of the entire tax return submission process by meeting clients in person or virtually.

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H&R Block also offers other services for small businesses and financial products.

H&R Block is known for its positive company culture and community partnerships. For example, the brand supports Habitat for Humanity, which gives community members access to quality housing.

There are part-time and full-time jobs available at H&R Block. Plus, there are seasonal positions and roles with flexible hours.

What do you need to work at H&R Block?

Want to work at H&R Block? The requirements do vary between positions, but most team members need a high school diploma or equivalent.

The minimum age required to work at this company is 18 years old.

Hiring managers usually look for candidates with a background in finance and confidence in doing basic math. Positions invovling tax preparation may require a degree.

H&R Block is a fast-paced environment, so you should be self-motivated and have excellent organizational and time-management skills. Additionally, because you’ll be working with others, customer service and communication skills are essential for any H&R Block role.

While many positions at H&R Block are flexible, tax season can be busy. During this period, you should be prepared to work extra hours.

If you want to learn more about specific role requirements, you can read different H&R Block job descriptions. Make sure your skill matches the job you’re applying for.

Want to work for this forward-thinking company? Here’s a rundown of some of the current job opportunities at H&R Block.

1. Receptionist

Receptionists work behind the front desk. The front desk is a customer service environment, and these team members make visitors feel welcome.

Receptionists answer phones and help clients find the right tax preparation packages to suit their needs. Receptionists also schedule client appointments, type letters, and file documents.

They make sure the reception area remains clean and tidy. Additionally, receptionists can assist with other administrative duties, such as data entry and payment processing.

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You’ll need excellent organizational skills to work in this role. Communication skills, time management, and teamwork are also essential.

Experience in sales or marketing will have an advantage.

2. Tax preparer assistant

Tax preparer assistants support tax professionals. They get tax returns ready and enter client information into the computer system.

Once the tax return has been prepared, they meet with the client to go over the details. When the client is satisfied, the tax preparer assistant asks them for a signature.

They give excellent customer service and work well in a team environment.

If you want to be a tax preparer assistant, you’ll need phone skills and a positive attitude. You should also be tech-savvy and confident using Windows-based software and applications.

Those who have studied accounting or finance will have an advantage.

3. Bookkeeper

H&R Block is always looking for general bookkeepers.

These workers perform a range of daily bookkeeping tasks, including reconciling and balancing accounts, preparing reports, and processing payroll. They can also prepare income tax statements.

Bookkeepers look at financial statements and check for errors. They’re customer-focused and accuracy is essential.

Most bookkeepers have experience in the business or accounting industry. You should be self-motivated and able to work independently. Analytical skills, attention to detail, and organizational skills are all essential.

To be successful, you should be a good communicator with strong computer skills. If you have experience using Xero or MYOB, make sure you mention this in your application.

4. Client care advisor

Client care advisors have flexible schedules. They usually work during tax season — from January to April — in a range of locations.

They greet visitors and answer phones. They also get to know the tax professionals and match the right person to each client.

Client care advisors schedule client appointments and upsell tools and services.

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These advisors work closely with clients throughout the tax-filing process. They make sure every customer is satisfied, and they’re involved in final tax preparation discussions.

Client care advisors make sure the office space is clean and welcoming for visitors.

For this position, H&R Block is looking for candidates who have experience working in a fast-paced customer service setting.

5. Associate team leader

Associate team leaders often work part-time. They support other team leaders and make sure all employees follow the company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

If a client has an issue or complaint, an associate team leader will be there to help. They’re office leaders and offer customer service both over the phone and in person.

Associate team leaders oversee daily operations and make sure deadlines are met. They also check others’ work for quality and set team goals.

Leadership experience is required for this role. You should be able to work independently and be confident using different computer programs.

6. Tax professional

Want a career as a tax professional? H&R Block has a pathway that includes ongoing training and assessments.

First-year tax professionals receive the support of the leadership team. They meet with clients for tax interviews and prepare tax returns.

They make sure clients have a positive experience and promote other products they may be interested in. In some settings, tax professionals can also help clients with IRS audits.

To get a job as a tax professional, you’ll need to be a team player. Previous experience in a busy work environment will be an advantage. You should also be committed to ongoing training and have strong analytical and math skills.

How to apply for a job at H&R Block

You can see what positions are available in your area by browsing H&R Block vacancies on our job board. While you’re there, you can create a free account, set up job alerts, and get involved in our community discussions.

You can also go to the H&R Block careers portal on the company’s website, where you’ll find information about career types and learn more about what to expect in an H&R Block position.

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There are eight fields to choose from. You can apply for a job in finance, people, technology, leadership, marketing, support, product management, or mobile banking.

Read the job descriptions carefully, and try to match your skills to a role. Once you find something that suits you, you can either hit “apply now” or “save.” To move forward, you’ll need to create a job seeker account and accept the privacy policy.

You’ll then need to provide a few personal details, including your email, a password, and security questions. If you prefer, you can sign up using a social media account.

Once you start the application, you’ll be given an estimated time for completion. For example, a receptionist application typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

You won’t be able to apply without uploading a resume. You’ll also have the option to upload a cover letter. You’ll be asked about your education and experience, and there will be specific questions related to each job type.

Tips for your H&R Block resume

When you apply for an H&R job online, you’ll need to upload a resume. You should customize your resume for the position you’re applying for and try to highlight any skills that match the job description.

Start with your most recent position, and work your way backward. If you have any experience in the industry, make sure you include it. Transferable skills, such as customer service, teamwork, and math skills, are also worth mentioning.

Unless you’re pursuing a senior position, keep your resume under two pages. For entry-level roles, one page is enough.

Choose a common format, such as .PDF, and avoid using images, borders, and colors. If you don’t yet have a professional resume, you can use our free resume builder.

Common H&R Block interview questions

To get a job at H&R Block, you’ll need to attend a job interview. Make sure that you arrive on time and that you research the company before the day of the interview.

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What will you be asked? Here are some of the most common H&R Block interview questions:

  • Why do you want to work at H&R Block?

  • What do you know about H&R Block?

  • What appeals to you about the tax industry?

  • Do you have any experience working in customer service?

  • How would you deal with a difficult customer?

  • Are you confident using technology?

  • Tell us about a time when you used problem-solving skills in the workplace.

  • Are you comfortable working in a fast-paced work environment?

  • Do you have any questions?

Want to know more? Check out our common interview questions and answers article.

Does H&R Block do a background check?

If your H&R Block job interview is successful, you’ll be offered the position. However, you’ll need to pass a background check before you can start work. You should allow around two weeks for the background report to be processed.

The company will look at a few key areas. You’ll have submitted a range of details in your job application, including previous employment and education. The background check will verify this information.

Next, the check looks at your criminal history. It goes back at least seven years, and any misdemeanors or felonies will be flagged. The hiring manager looks for anything that may put the company’s clients or employees at risk. For example, someone with a history of violent behavior or theft may not be a good fit for the company.

If you do have something on your record, mention it during your interview, and explain the changes you’ve made since that time. Transparency and honesty willl improve your chances of getting the position.

Please note that the background check components can vary depending on the job you’re applying for. For example, a credit check isn’t typically included unless it’s relevant to the job.

Those dealing with sensitive client information will have stricter background check rules than those in entry-level positions.

A driving history check isn’t usually required.

Does H&R Block do a drug test?

It’s not uncommon for H&R Block to conduct a pre-employment drug screening. However, this can depend on the role you’re applying for and the location.

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If you’re asked to take a drug test, it will most likely be a five-panel urine drug screen. Samples are sent to a third-party lab for processing. Results can take a few days to report.

What does this screen show? Any marijuana, opiates, PCP (phencyclidine), cocaine, or amphetamines in your system will be detected. Those taking a prescription medication that may impact their drug test results should chat with their doctor for advice.

If you fail the drug test, you probably won’t get the position.

H&R Block doesn’t normally do random drug tests in the workplace. However, there are exceptions. For example, if an employee is behaving erratically or there’s an incident at work, a drug test may be requested.

What benefits do you get at H&R Block?

​​The employee benefits package from H&R Block is generous. There are perks for both full-time and seasonal associates, but the packages vary. You can visit the H&R Block benefits portal to learn about your eligibility.

If you meet the minimum requirements, you’ll get a full suite of health insurance benefits. This package includes medical coverage and dental and vision insurance. Plus, there’s reduced-cost prescription drug coverage. Notably, this package also covers your eligible dependents.

H&R Block has a well-being program with mental health support and coaching. There are also voluntary programs to support workers who have diabetes, inflammatory conditions, or are on weight loss journeys.

Employees can get paid time off and vacation leave, as well as paid parental and caregiver leave.

You can save for your senior years with the 401(k) retirement plan with a company match. Every time you get paid, you can set aside some of your pre-tax income in order to be ready for when you reach your retirement years. You’ll also have the option to participate in the employee stock purchase plan.

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If you work at the company’s headquarters in Kansas City, you’ll get a few additional perks. For example, you can take advantage of flexible schedules and an associate discount program.

This location also has an onsite gym, free parking, a coffee shop and a restaurant.

What is the average H&R Block salary?

In the US, the average salary at H&R Block is $13.07 per hour. This rate varies depending on the job title, qualifications, skills, experience, and location.

If you’re considering applying for a receptionist position, you can expect between $8.00 and $14.00 per hour. For an office manager, the average is $17.00 per hour, and for an enrolled agent, it’s $19.00 per hour.

Tax associates make between $10.00 and $21.00 per hour. Senior tax analysts can make up to $49.00 per hour, and the median salary for a software engineer is $73K per year.

Customer service representatives (CSRs) working for H&R Block are paid an average wage of $12.00 per hour.

You can get extra income from overtime and bonuses. The average annual bonus at this company is $4,000. Furthermore, H&R Block is committed to your continued success and offers opportunities for training and promotions.

Where to find an H&R Block job

Want to start your job search? Head over to our job board and browse H&R Block positions.

You can also view other similar jobs in your area. For example, you can browse job advertisements for receptionists, tax associates, and customer service representatives. Sign up for job updates to be the first to know about new opportunities.

When you’re ready, you can join H&R Block’s talent community. You can search for jobs in different departments and create a job seeker account. Remember, you’ll need to make a professional resume before you can apply.

Your H&R Block career

H&R Block offers its employees flexible work arrangements and a suite of benefits. There are different roles available, including receptionist, tax preparer assistant, and bookkeeper positions.

Plus, there are jobs for client care advisors, associate team leaders, and tax professionals.

The application process starts online, and you’ll need a professional resume. If you get through the interview, you’ll usually need to pass a background check and drug test.

The salary can be competitive depending on the job title and your location.

Want to see what jobs are available near you? Check out our job board. And don’t forget, we have more articles like this one in our Getting Hired Resource Center.

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