How to format a resume for an auto technician role

Last updated: July 17, 2024
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How to format a resume for an auto technician role
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An Automotive Technician is responsible for the repair and preventive maintenance of automotive equipment. Duties include performing emissions inspections, diagnostic testing of vehicles, and replacement of worn components.

Tips for writing a strong resume for an auto technician job

Automotive technicians are responsible for the diagnostic testing, repair, and preventive maintenance of vehicles. Auto technicians’ work centers on the electronic systems common in late-model cars and trucks.

When applying for this type of job it is best to use a [functional resume] ( format to highlight the skills and special training required for the job. In a technical job, technical skills matter most – regardless of where or when you picked them up. A functional resume treats those skills equally, whether you gained them during a weekend auto repair course, or on the job a couple years back.

Refer to this example, and follow the order below for a stand-out auto technician resume:

Content blocks for an auto technician resume

Name and contact information

Make it easy for the hiring manager to contact you for the interview! Include your email address and phone number on your resume. (TIP: Remember to record a professional-sounding voicemail message.)

Training and education

Be specific. List all certifications and the dates when you earned them. Also list high school, GED, vocational, or any higher education attended.

High school auto repair courses Weekend auto repair courses in specific systems (e.g., engines, suspension, powertrains, alternative fuel vehicles) Vocational school courses and certifications Associates degree in automotive technology

Core capabilities

List technical skills, in the order of what you do best – and of the skills required for the job you want. In addition to repair skills, don’t forget about duties in a shop that would be useful, like organizing parts. Show how your diverse skills and deep understanding of the business will be a great addition to the team.

Don’t forget to include soft skills. Desirable soft skills for an auto technician include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer focus
  • Communication
  • Tidiness and organization
  • Multi-tasking


Some tips on formatting the experience section: - This is where you list previous work on your resume. Start with the most recent position, and go backwards from there - Include company name, job title, and dates worked - For each job, list about five bullet points that summarize your responsibilities and accomplishments. Use active verbs.

No specific auto technician work experience? No problem! Remember, this is why a functional resume is perfect for getting this kind of job. For example, a high school project overhauling a car’s powertrain and weekend work converting a vehicle to alternative fuel are valuable experiences that would interest hiring managers.

Preferred formatting for an auto technician resume

Keep the resume clean and easy to read:
  • Use easy-to-read fonts like Arial, Tahoma, and Calibri in 10- to 12-point type
  • Avoid borders
  • If you must add color, use only one accent
  • Check for typos and spelling errors
  • Finally, have a trusted friend review the resume for clarity

Content is king on a resume, but don’t let your great auto technician skills and experience get lost in the clutter. Use these formatting guidelines on your new and improved auto technician resume to showcase your expertise and get that job!



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