Hiring now: UPS pre-holiday hiring

Last updated: April 24, 2024
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Hiring now: UPS pre-holiday hiring
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Are you ready for a new job?

Each year UPS hires roughly over 100,000 seasonal workers to meet the demands of the holiday shopping season. Package Handlers, Drivers Helpers, and Delivery Drivers are among the hottest employment options but landing one of these jobs gets highly competitive during the fall as last-minute career job seekers put their job hunt on pause and rush to take on these end of year flexible income opportunities.

Stay Ahead Of the Competition!

Right now is the perfect time to get on board with a permanent or seasonal job before the application rush, which usually kicks off on or about mid-August and early September. UPS jobs offer plenty of work schedule flexibility (full-time, part-time) and shift options (Day Sort, Twilight Sort, Night Sort, and Sunrise Sort). Part-time employees are also eligible for comprehensive benefits.

Propel Your Career Forward!

UPS has a “promote from within” culture, so you can start as an entry-level package handler and maneuver yourself towards warehouse leadership and corporate job opportunities. The company also offers an Earn and Learn Tuition Assistance Program where you can receive thousands of dollars to help with college expenses.

" FREE Full benefits even for part-time employees plus job protection with the union plus you get paid to exercise for 5 plus hrs a day."

UPS Employee, Glassdoor Review

So what's the best job for me?

Great Question! This is a detail you really want to consider before you apply, as some UPS jobs can be physically demanding and require agility, attention to detail, and speed. Here’s the breakdown of job options:

Warehouse Worker/Package Handler

Get ready for a Workout! In this fast-paced warehouse job, you’ll lift, lower and slide packages up to 70 lbs. You’ll typically work 3 ½ - 4-hour shifts, approximately 17 ½ - 20 hours per week in this part-time or seasonal role. You’ll receive a competitive hourly rate and an attractive benefits package as part of the UPS team.

Driver Helper

This is a physical, fast-paced, outdoor position that involves continual lifting, lowering, and carrying packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. It requires excellent customer contact skills and a lot of walking. As a Driver Helper, you will not drive the delivery vehicle but assist the driver in delivering packages.

Driver Helpers usually meet the UPS driver at a mutually agreed-upon time and location each weekday. Workdays can vary (Monday – Friday) or (Tuesday – Saturday), both part-time and full-time, depending on the building needs. Hours vary but usually begin after 8:00 a.m. and end before 8:00 p.m.

Package Delivery Driver

This is another physical, fast-paced, outdoor position that involves continual lifting, lowering, and carrying packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. A DOT physical exam is required. Package Delivery Drivers must have excellent customer contact and driving skills. Some UPS facilities may require the ability to drive a delivery vehicle with a standard (manual) transmission.

Qualified applicants must have a valid driver’s license issued in the state that they live. Package Delivery Drivers are expected to comply with UPS appearance guidelines and wear the company-provided uniform. Full-time UPS employees work eight or more hours per day, and workdays can vary (Monday - Friday) or (Tuesday - Saturday) depending on the building needs.

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I’m worried about exposure to COVID-19. What is UPS doing to protect its employees and customers?

Another awesome question, you're on a roll! UPS is committed to protecting you, your family, their customers, and the communities they serve. As a UPS-er, you’ll be encouraged and expected to practice social distancing and utilize PPE at all times. Take a deeper look at the safety protocols, and procedures UPS has implemented to keep you safe and protected while on the job. Go to Keeping UPS-ers Safe for more details.

How much do these jobs pay?

Hourly pay rates at UPS ranges from an average of $11.82 to $28.73 an hour. Package Delivery Drivers jobs are at the higher end of this pay scale. Pay rates vary depending on your area, but the compensation packages are always competitive.

"Supervisor does everything to ensure a positive work experience for UPSers daily."

UPS Employee, Glassdoor

Can I pick my shift?

This is always a big concern for potential employees! Shift opportunities vary and are determined by the location's resource needs. The pre-holiday hiring rush typically creates a staffing demand for all shifts, but you can check the current job options in your area to see what’s available. UPS shifts are outlined as follows:

  • Day Sort - (1pm-5pm)
  • Twilight Sort - 6pm-10pm)
  • Night Sort - (11pm-3am)
  • Sunrise/Preload Sort - (4am-8am)

Do I need a CDL license for a Package Delivery Driver job?

Good News! UPS does not require a CDL license to qualify for a Package Delivery job. Qualified applicants only need to have a valid driver's license issued in the state that they live.

Okay, I’m interested! Where do I apply?

You can search for local job opportunities and apply here. Just enter your city, state, and or zip code, then set your job search radius.

What can I expect after I apply?

Look for an application submission confirmation email as soon as you successfully submit your online application. Your job application will remain active for 60 days. You can regularly check the status of your application at the UPSjobs.com Application Center

Note - Some mail servers automatically parse messages from unknown sources to spam or junk mail folders. Please check these folders to ensure you receive confirmation of your application.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

We got you covered! Use the comment link below to submit your questions, and a Jobcase Community Specialist will respond to you promptly.



RaLynn Atwa
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Can I be a seasonal personal driver if I have an expired licence plate violation ?

Don Hughes
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Founder And President at Humane Resource Council Inc


Don Hughes
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Founder And President at Humane Resource Council Inc

Health benefits do not start until 9 months of employment has been satisfied. If you’re over 55 delivery driver will not be available unless you intend to drive your own vehicle. UPS warehouse work is not the most hospitable place to work, hot/humid little air flow and sometimes curt condescending management team. Good luck.