Businesses that are still growing and have jobs now

Last updated: April 23, 2024
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Businesses that are still growing and have jobs now
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Some businesses have been thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic, and need workers to keep up with demand. As a number of Americans have transitioned indoors, to work-from-home and socially distance, companies like food and grocery delivery, in-home fitness equipment and workouts, and telehealth services have seen a huge rise in new customers.

If you’re looking for a job or a career change, here are the six industries that are still growing and looking to fill much-needed roles today.

Food delivery - jobs from drivers to sales representatives

With so many restaurants closed or only open at a limited capacity during the pandemic, Americans turned to food delivery services to get their dining fix.

Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates are the most well-known of the food delivery companies, but there are several others in addition to restaurants that deliver directly to customers. As many new people have discovered the convenience and ease of food delivery, it’s estimated this sector will continue to grow.

Examples of job opportunities in the food delivery business:

  • Food delivery driver - Entry-level role that requires a car or bike in certain cities

  • Sales representative - Point person between apps and restaurants; sales or cold-calling experience preferred

  • Marketing manager - Marketing manager with experience in digital marketing and customer engagement

  • Software engineer - Engineer that builds and integrates software into a consumer-facing app like Grubhub

Find food delivery jobs near you by clicking here!

Grocery stores - jobs from in-store shoppers to managers

Whether eating in more often because of closed restaurants, or needing supplies to make that viral recipe, grocery stores have seen huge increases in sales.

Some grocery stores like Whole Foods and Walmart offer delivery services, and most at least provide curbside pickup to avoid the need for interacting with multiple people. Shoppers looking to avoid waiting in long lines or being around many people at the local grocery store have found grocery delivery an attractive option, so this is one pandemic trend probably not going away.

Examples of job opportunities in the grocery store business:

  • In-store shopper and/or delivery driver - Popular part-time or full-time gig with no experience required

  • Stocking - Day and night shifts available for stocking grocery stores; entry-level but physical requirements must be met

  • **Food production **- Those with food preparation experience can help make food or baked goods to be sold

  • Store management - Responsible for entire inventory logistics and distribution; similar experience required

Find grocery jobs near you by clicking here!

Cleaning services - jobs from housekeeping to customer service

2020 was the year Americans realized that germs are everywhere. From hand sanitizers to deep cleaning companies, businesses that provide some type of disinfecting or cleaning services are in high-demand and that’s not expected to slow down as places start reopening and customers are concerned with health and safety.

Examples of job opportunities in the cleaning service business:

  • Housekeeping - Entry-level; self-employed options through apps like TaskRabbit or full-time for companies like hotels

  • Cleaning specialist - Work as part of a team for a cleaning company like Merry Maids

  • Sales assistant - Bring in new customers and maintain accounts for cleaning companies; sales experience preferred

  • Customer service representative - Provide customer support for cleaning companies like Molly Maid or Jani-King

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Telehealth services - jobs from phone operators to copywriters

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the telehealth landscape for good. Due to restrictions on who qualifies for in-person doctor visits and patient concerns over catching COVID while visiting a hospital or doctor's office, telemedicine services have risen dramatically over the last year. The comfort and ease of access for both patients and doctors mean this industry will likely continue to expand.

Examples of job opportunities in the telehealth business:

  • Administrative assistant - Handle administrative tasks such as phone calls, calendar management, and maintain records

  • Copywriter - Write content for advertisements, websites, and publications; copywriting or journalism experience required

  • Physician/nurse - Can work for various telehealth companies; must have required licenses and certifications

  • Human resources specialist - act as a recruiter and support employees for telehealth companies; relevant experience required

Find telehealth jobs near you by clicking here!

Used car sales - jobs from lot attendants to technicians

Rental car companies and brand-new car sales were negatively impacted by the pandemic, but used car sales have actually been thriving and that's likely to continue. The desire to avoid public transportation, the migration away from big cities and into more suburban areas, and both the lack of inventory and the weariness of paying for a brand-new car are all driving up used car businesses.

Examples of job opportunities in the used car business:

  • Sales manager - Mid- to senior-level role in charge of most aspects for used car sales

  • Lot attendant - Entry-level role that maintains appearance and performance of vehicles on the lot

  • Car technician - Identifies and repairs needed car maintenance; automotive technician experience needed

  • ** Car buyer** - Responsible for appraisal and purchasing of used cars; relevant experience required

Those with sales experience will find numerous open jobs right now in this sector, plus there are opportunities for lot attendants, managers, and car technicians across small and big used car companies.

Find used car jobs near you by clicking here!

Fitness equipment and streaming - jobs from factory production to instructors

When local gyms and boutique fitness studios were forced to shut their doors, companies providing in-home fitness equipment and online streaming of workouts stepped in.

Peloton, the company selling stationary bikes (with months-long wait lists) and app subscriptions for fitness classes such as cycling, yoga, and running has seen massive levels of growth. And it’s not the only one. Mirror, an interactive smart gym that doubles as a mirror, and Tonal, a mountable smart home gym system are a couple of the other numerous fitness brands fulfilling the need for at-home workouts.

Examples of job opportunities in the at-home fitness business:

  • Warehouse associate - Entry-level role to assemble and prepare orders for fitness companies

  • Software engineer - Develop and deliver software experience for users; engineering and tech experience required

  • Retail sales specialist - Inform customers and convert sales of products in stores

  • Fitness instructor - Yoga, cycling, running, HIIT, and other fitness instructor professionals needed

Find fitness jobs near you by clicking here!

Which industry would you like to work in? Let us know in the comments.



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