Hiring now: popular remote jobs you should explore now

Last updated: July 2, 2024
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Hiring now: popular remote jobs you should explore now
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The ongoing #Coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of work for many people. As working from home has become increasingly popular, it has proven to benefit both employers and employees.

Why work from home?

If you’ve always dreamed of working remotely, then you’ve probably already taken the time to think about all of the pros and cons of the arrangement. However, if this is a new thought of aspiration, here are some benefits of working from home:

  • Avoid the morning/evening commute saving you time in the day
  • Work from anywhere
  • Create your own work environment
  • Save money making lunches at home
  • Multi-task with work and household tasks
  • Productivity increase

Data entry

This role typically involves entering information into a database or other documentation software. Many of the roles are available for entry-level employees, making it an excellent choice for those looking to get into the career. There’s typically no extensive training, so it’s easy to get started. Some skills that are needed to be a successful online data entry worker include:

  • Accurate and fast typing
  • Organization
  • Ability to handle repetitive tasks
  • Self-motivating attitude

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Medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding workers use different technologies to help healthcare providers update medical records, obtain payments, and document important information. These specialists can work in various settings from medical offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. This is a great career choice for those who:

  • Obtain strong organizational skills
  • Have a passion for working in fast-paced environments
  • Enjoy working in a team environment
  • Value growth in their career

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Customer service representative (CSR)

Are you a people person who loves helping others? If so, customer service may be an excellent career path for you! Customer service representatives work in a large variety of settings. They are usually responsible for interacting with customers to process orders, resolve issues, and share information about an organization’s products/services. Some things that will make you a great CSR are:

  • Being a great listener and communicator
  • Having patience and the ability to solve problems quickly
  • Being empathetic and aware of customer needs
  • Having knowledge of the company and its products

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