How to complete a Chipotle job application: Things to know

Last updated: July 16, 2024
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How to complete a Chipotle job application: Things to know
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Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the U.S., having hired over 20,000 new team members and opening 200 new stores in 2021 alone.

There are numerous positions with this chain, making it a great option for entry-level workers or those looking to advance their careers.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about landing a job at Chipotle, including the hiring requirements, how to complete the Chipotle application, and tips for a successful interview.

By the end, you’ll be well on your way to beginning a great new career at Chipotle.

What is Chipotle Mexican Grill?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a popular restaurant chain. They’re known for their tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, and their food is made fresh to order.

The brand started in 1993 in the U.S., and there are now stores in other countries such as France, Germany, and Canada.

Chipotle lets customers mix and match their meals, and unlike traditional fast-food chains, there are no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

They use local and organic produce whenever possible and have a range of recycling initiatives. In fact, the company purchased over 40.7 million pounds of organic & transitional ingredients in 2021, making it clear that they are committed to sourcing responsibly.

In addition, Chipotle supports local farmers through various programs and grants and is working toward reducing waste output and greenhouse gas emissions.

Top reasons to work for Chipotle

Working at Chipotle comes with many great perks and benefits. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Employee benefits

Chipotle offers competitive pay for its employees, including opportunities for raises and promotions.

The company also offers eligible employees paid sick leave and time off, healthcare coverage, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, employee discounts, and access to a free 24/7 mental health service.

In addition, Chipotle’s salaried workers can get up to $5,250 each year toward their educational goals and participate in the company’s debt-free degree program.

Career growth

Chipotle values promotion from within and offers career growth opportunities for employees interested in advancing their careers. In fact, many senior leaders within the company started as entry-level employees.

Positive company culture

Chipotle values inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical business practices. The company encourages its employees to impact their communities and the environment positively. Working for a company with such strong values can be extremely motivating and fulfilling if you share those values.

Focus on food with integrity

Chipotle takes pride in serving food made from high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. For instance, they use only responsibly raised meat and hold very high animal welfare standards.

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They also focus on fresh produce and avoid using highly processed ingredients. Furthermore, Chipotle’s food is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Flexible scheduling

Chipotle understands the importance of work-life balance. The company offers flexible scheduling, making it easier for employees to avoid having to sacrifice their hobbies or other responsibilities, such as school or family commitments.

Free meals

Chipotle offers free meals — one entrée, one drink, and one side — to its employees during their shifts.

Competitive pay

Chipotle offers competitive employee pay, with opportunities for raises and bonuses based on performance. They also have various recognition programs in place to acknowledge outstanding performance, including incentives, bonuses, and employee appreciation events.

Hourly pay at Chipotle ranges from an average of $9.50 to $17.71 per hour. As a cashier, you can earn around $11 hourly. Cooks at Chipotle earn $12 per hour, on average. And if you get promoted to kitchen manager, your pay can increase even further — all the way to $19 per hour.

What are Chipotle’s hiring requirements?

If you want to work for Chipotle, you’ll need to be at least 16 years old. You can start as a crew member, which is an entry-level position. There are no minimum education requirements, and the company will provide full on-the-job training.

Those looking for a senior position, such as a service manager, will need some prior experience as a team leader or manager.

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To work at Chipotle, you must be comfortable standing for long hours, so you’ll need to be physically fit. You’ll also need to be a team player with good communication skills.

You should also enjoy working with customers. And you should be interested in learning to cook.

Common jobs at Chipotle

Chipotle restaurants offer a variety of job types. Here are some of the most common positions:

  1. Crew member. Crew members have a variety of tasks, including food preparation, cooking, assembly line service, cashiering, and maintaining cleanliness and food safety standards.

  2. Kitchen manager. Kitchen managers oversee the food preparation process, manage inventory, ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, and supervise kitchen staff.

  3. Shift manager. Shift managers oversee the restaurant’s operations during specific shifts. They coordinate and delegate tasks, provide guidance to crew members, and ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

  4. General manager. General managers are responsible for the restaurant’s performance. They oversee all aspects of operations, including staffing, training, financial management, customer service, and maintaining brand standards.

  5. Service manager. Service managers focus on ensuring excellent customer service. They oversee front-of-house operations, handle customer inquiries and concerns, coordinate seating arrangements, and ensure a positive dining experience for customers.

  6. Prep cook. Prep cooks chop vegetables, marinate meats, and portion food items to support the efficient operation of the kitchen.

  7. Cashier. Cashiers handle customer orders, process payments, and provide friendly and efficient service at the point of sale. They may also assist with maintaining cleanliness and stocking supplies at the front counter.

  8. Delivery driver. Some Chipotle locations offer delivery services. Delivery drivers are responsible for safely and promptly delivering orders to customers.

There are also a variety of jobs beyond the restaurant-specific ones listed above, such as catering managers, regional managers, and corporate roles.

Not sure where to start? Browse Chipotle jobs in your local area.

What is the Chipotle hiring process?

If you’re ready to apply for a job at Chipotle, this is what you can expect from the hiring process:

Completing the Chipotle application

Start by visiting the Chipotle careers website or a job board where Chipotle positions are listed, such as Jobcase. Submit an online application by providing your personal information, work experience, and availability.

Receiving a callback

After reviewing your application, Chipotle may conduct an initial screening, which could involve a phone interview or a brief questionnaire. This step will help determine if you meet the basic requirements and qualifications for the position.

Attending a Chipotle interview

If you pass the initial screening, you may be invited for an in-person interview. This interview is typically conducted by a manager or a member of the restaurant’s leadership team, and it helps them learn more about your skills, experience, and suitability for the role.

Prepare for the interview by researching Chipotle’s values, menu, and the position you applied for. Get on social media to see what your desired role involves, the required skills and qualities, and what a typical workday looks like.

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Depending on the position you applied for, Chipotle may assess your skills through various means.

For example, if you’re applying for a kitchen-related position, you may be asked to perform a culinary task or a food prep demonstration. If you don’t have relevant experience, demonstrate your readiness to go through the training process efficiently.

If you complete the interview and meet all the requirements, Chipotle may extend a job offer to you. This offer will include details about your position, compensation, benefits, and any necessary paperwork to be completed.

Note that these steps may look different if you’re applying for a corporate position.

Top Chipotle interview questions

If you have an interview at Chipotle, you’ll need to answer a few standard interview questions. Practice your answers before the meeting so that you can speak clearly and confidently.

Here are a few common Chipotle job interview questions they may ask you:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • Why do you want to work at Chipotle?

  • Are you available nights and weekends?

  • Do you have reliable transportation?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Do you see yourself working at Chipotle long-term?

  • Why should we give you the job?

  • What’s your biggest strength?

  • Share an example of a time when you provided excellent customer service.

  • Do you have any questions?

Not sure how to respond? Read the most common interview questions and how to answer them.

Tips for landing a job at Chipotle

If you have an interview at Chipotle, here are five tips to help you get the job:

1. Come prepared

The day before your interview, take the time to practice potential interview questions with a friend or family member. Decide what you’ll wear, and have a copy of your resume ready.

When you’re prepared, it’ll give you a confidence boost.

2. Arrive early

You should always arrive early to any job interview, but not too early. You should aim to walk inside five minutes before the scheduled time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, use the time to take a walk and clear your head.

Remember, employers may see it as a red flag if you’re late to an interview. You may not get a second chance.

3. Wear the right attire

While fast-food restaurants often have a more casual dress code, you’ll stand out by presenting yourself in a neat and professional manner. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed for a job interview.

Make sure your clothing is clean and free of stains, pet hair, and wrinkles. The same applies to your shoes — while they don’t need to be shiny, they should look clean. Pay attention to your personal grooming, too. If you have facial hair, for instance, it should be neatly trimmed. You should also have clean nails and avoid wearing heavy perfumes or colognes.

4. Think about your body language

Be mindful of your body language, as the hiring manager will observe how you interact with others. It’ll demonstrate to them how you’d interact with customers.

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You should try not to fold your arms, as you may look defensive. Be polite but not overly familiar, and don’t forget to make regular eye contact and smile!

5. Do your research

Chipotle prides itself on real food, sustainability, and excellent customer service. Make sure you research the company prior to your interview.

When you know who they are, it’ll help you answer questions more truthfully and confidently. The interviewer will be impressed by your knowledge and enthusiasm for the company.

You can visit our job board and search for restaurant openings in your area. Or, if you prefer, you can go to the Chipotle careers page.

The Chipotle background check

If you ace your Chipotle job interview, you may be given a provisional offer of employment. This means you’ll get the job if you pass a background screening check.

The type of background check can vary depending on where you live and the job you’re applying for. Most of the time, Chipotle will want to verify the information on your application form.

For example, the company will check your previous work experience and education to make sure you’ve been honest.

The background report will also show your criminal history, including misdemeanors or felony convictions. The hiring manager wants to ensure its customers’ and employees’ safety.

You’ll need to give consent for the background check. If you refuse to do so, you won’t be able to work at Chipotle. If you want to know more about your rights, you can read the company’s background check disclosure statement.

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The background check for job candidates is paid for by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The company doesn’t usually do a credit check for restaurant positions, but things might be different for corporate roles.

Does Chipotle do a pre-employment drug test?

Most companies have a strict pre-employment drug testing policy.

However, this Mexican food chain doesn’t usually ask candidates for a drug test.

You’ll still need to be careful, though, because drug tests can happen later on. One may be necessary if there’s a workplace accident or a report of inappropriate behavior.

Chipotle background check tips

Even if you have a complicated history, you may still be able to work at Chipotle. If something may appear in your criminal background check, you can explain your unique circumstances to the recruiter.

The background check usually happens toward the end of the hiring process. Therefore, you can discuss any past issues during the job interview. You can talk about changes you’ve made to the hiring manager. For example, if you’ve gone through rehabilitation, you can mention that.

During the background check process, the Chipotle Mexican Grill hiring manager will look at your social media profiles if you have any. They want to know if you’d be the right fit for the restaurant team.

Before applying for a job at Chipotle, make sure your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other accounts are employer-friendly. For example, you should remove any content that could be offensive.

Finally, if you’re unsure what may appear on your background check, some companies offer a free personal check. One example of this is Better Future by Checkr.

Knowing your history also gives you a chance to dispute any mistakes that might be on it. For example, you may have a violent felony listed on your report that shouldn’t be there.

Complete your Chipotle application today

Chipotle is a fast-paced environment. If you’re interested in working with food, customers, and a friendly team, you may want to apply for a job at your local Chipotle store.

We introduced you to the company and told you about the available positions. And we took you through the application process and gave you tips to get the job.

Whether you want a part-time job while you study or a full-time position with long-term career prospects, Chipotle could be the right place for you.

Ready to start your job search? Browse open positions in your local area.



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