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Posted April 1, 2021

Career quiz: what job should I have?

Learn about yourself and find out how to find a job you love. Plus, take a FREE career quiz.
Kai Dickerson
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Career quiz: what job should I have?
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From the time you start school, you're asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

But the average person has 12.3 jobs between the ages of 18 and 52. Even as an adult, it's OK if you still don't know what your dream job is.

The best career for you will depend on your personality type, interests, and any special skills you may have.

To help you learn more about yourself and your career interests, we’ve compiled our top tips for finding a job that will make you happy.

Plus, we'll give you a look at the big picture with a free career quiz.

What career is right for me?

If you are wondering what job is right for you, then you should start with the basics. The career you choose should be something you love, something that you’re good at, and something that will pay the bills.

Be realistic when choosing a career path, as you’ll want to make sure there are jobs available.

You can start by doing a job search.

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Think about your future and the type of work-life balance you are looking for. Remember, the perfect career for you might not be a position you can walk into just because it suits your personality type.

A career change may require additional study and upskilling, and you can check your resume for any areas that need improvement.

How do I find a career that makes me happy?

When you have job satisfaction, you'll work harder and enjoy going to work each day.

65% of employees are satisfied with their jobs, and you can be too. There are six steps you can take to get a career that makes you happy.

1. Know who you are

The first step is self-examination and introspection. Write a list of your passions and skills so that you can match them to potential career paths.

2. Discover what motivates you

Think about what makes you tick. What makes you want to succeed? For example, is it career progression, money, helping others, a good work-life balance, or the chance to be creative?

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3. Work on your personal brand

First impressions matter, and the way you market yourself can contribute to your success. Employers will read your resume and may even check your online presence.

Don’t forget to update your Jobcase profile and social media accounts. Does the information, layout, and tone match your career goals?

4. Build a support network

The people you surround yourself with can be crucial to your success. If you’re unsure what your career should be, ask your friends and family how they perceive you. They may even have industry contacts to help you get your foot in the door.

5. Be realistic

Know your limitations and understand what career paths are achievable. For example, you may love playing basketball, but this doesn’t mean it’s your destiny to be an elite athlete in the NBA.

6. Study and upskill

Your dream job might be something you're not currently equipped for. The good news is that it's never too late to learn. Changing career paths is possible, but you may need to upskill in your current field or enroll in a new course.

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Career quiz: what job should I have?

Your perfect job might be one you have never considered. Take our job quiz to learn what role would be best suited to your personality.

Choose A, B, C, or D and record your answers.

1. How do you spend your spare time?

A. On the computer

B. Fixing things around the home

C. Talking and socializing with friends

D. Painting or playing music

2. How would people best describe you?

A. Savvy and book smart

B. Handy and practical

C. Friendly and warm

D. Inspiring and artistic

3. Which subject did you enjoy the most at school?

A. Math

B. Science

C. English

D. Art

4. Who would you rather spend the day with?

A. Steve Jobs

B. Bear Grylls

C. Oprah Winfrey

D. David Bowie

5. What would your ideal workday look like?

  1. In an air-conditioned office, at a desk with a computer

  2. Traveling across town, performing different tasks

  3. In a team environment, helping others

  4. Alone or in a small group

6. What type of schedule do you prefer?

A. A structured, 9–5 workplace

B. Starting early and finishing early with the opportunity for overtime

C. In a dynamic environment that may require unusual hours

D. At your own pace without your eye on the clock

7. What’s your preferred work environment?

  1. I like working as part of a team with monthly targets

  2. I’m physically fit and enjoy variety in the workplace

  3. I like to work with people, engaging with the community

  4. I like to manage my own time and can work independently

8. What motivates you?

  1. Career progression and meeting sales targets

  2. Completing tasks using physical strength

  3. Helping and caring for others

  4. Using my imagination and being creative

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  1. New York, USA

  2. Rome, Italy

  3. Toronto, Canada

  4. Paris, France

10. You get stranded on a deserted island; what would you want with you?

  1. Smartphone

  2. Shovel

  3. First aid kit

  4. Guitar

Now, check your answers.

Mostly A: Business Minded

If you got mostly A answers, you're business-minded.

You enjoy working with technology and are well-suited to an office environment. You like clear goals and are good at working with others. You’re assertive, confident, and tech-savvy.

Consider these career pathways

  • Management

  • Sales and retail

  • Banking

  • Real Estate

  • Self Employment

  • Administration

Mostly B: Hands-on worker

If you got mostly B answers, you're good with your hands.

You’re well-suited to a trade, as you can confidently complete physically demanding tasks. You like the flexibility of a varied workday. As a hard worker, you won’t say no to overtime.

Consider these career pathways

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Hairdressing

  • Landscaping

  • Hospitality

  • Building

Mostly C: Compassionate worker

If you got mostly C answers, you're a compassionate worker.

You enjoy helping and supporting others. It is your patience and kindness that stand out. You thrive when working in a team, and while you do like to maintain a work-life balance, you're happy to have a flexible roster.

Consider these career pathways

  • Nursing

  • Teaching

  • Aged care

  • Child care

  • Social work

  • Law and order

Mostly D: Creative type

If you got mostly D answers, you are a creative personality type.

You may already have a specific skill, such as painting, music, or media. You work best when you have opportunities to be creative, and you're good at working independently. Your outlook is positive, and you like to think outside the box.

Consider these career pathways

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing and media

  • Interior design

  • Photography

  • Copywriting

  • Art

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Finding a job you love

It is possible to get a job you love when you take the time to assess your personality traits. Once you understand what motivates you, build your personal brand and grow your support network.

You may need to do further study to get the career of your dreams, or participate in workplace training.

We have shared a free career quiz with you to give you some insight into what job path might be right for you.

The only question left is: are you creative, business-minded, hands-on, or compassionate? Check out our Getting Hired Resource Center to help you in your job search.

Kai Dickerson
Community Specialist


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