Benefits to creating a Jobcase profile

Last updated: June 18, 2024
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Benefits to creating a Jobcase profile
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Getting a job isn't easy.

The unemployment rate in the U.S. declined from 6.4% in January 2021 to 4% in January 2022. And while this signals better times for job seekers, there's still competition for vacant positions.

Anyone looking to land a job should find a way to stand out from the crowd. It isn't just about ‌qualifications and experience, but also how you present yourself and whether you’re active in places where recruiters are hiring people.

Jobcase is an online community where workers connect to find opportunities. Job seekers will benefit from creating a profile here, as it increases their chances of landing their dream role.

This post will outline the benefits of creating a Jobcase profile and how it can get you closer to a job you've been eyeing.

What is a Jobcase profile?

A recent study showed that 28.93% of job hires globally came from career sites, and 19.12% came from job boards.

This accounts for about 50% of all job hires. As such, job seekers have never been more incentivized to create a profile on Jobcase.

Jobcase connects employers with potential candidates, and the first step to being visible is creating a profile. Your profile needs to stand out and give recruiters a good first impression.

A great first impression is the best way to attract employers and get them interested in learning more about you.

To get started, sign up on the Jobcase home page and start creating a profile. You can complete this process quickly by linking to your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account.

Next, fill in the various profile sections, such as:

  • Work experience

  • Education

  • Licenses and certifications

  • Skills

  • Traits

  • Volunteering

  • Links

Uploading your resume makes completing these sections easy. The profile builder will pull relevant information from your resume and fill it in the different sections.

The job interests section contains the job titles you want and location preferences. This narrows down your job matches to show only things that you are interested in.

The activity section shows the conversations, comments, and praises you receive on the Jobcase platform. You can join the Jobcase community, where people discuss various job-seeking and employment issues.

You can also make connections, follow other people, and get followers.

Benefits to creating a Jobcase profile

Job seekers stand to enjoy several benefits from creating a Jobcase profile.

1. It's free

From the Jobcase sign-up page, you don't have to pay a single cent to join the platform. Creating a profile is easy and can be completed in an instant.

All you need to do is have a Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. Once you log in, the profile will be blank, and you'll need to fill it up with the relevant information.

Make sure you fill in the correct information that communicates your experience to your audience, but without making it too wordy. Potential employers don't have time to read through long stories and prefer to get straight to the point.

Jobcase has a paid option that offers additional benefits. The free version has great features that will work well for any job seeker. However, filling out the profile takes up some time, which can be a disadvantage.

2. Recruiters use work platforms to find candidates

Hiring a new employee isn't cheap, and it's even worse if the company makes a bad hire.

According to a recent survey, 41% of respondents said the cost of a bad hire was greater than $25,000. Some of the reasons behind bad hires are insufficient talent intelligence and failing to check references.

To avoid such pitfalls, recruiting officers and hiring managers use work platforms to check candidates. These platforms have credibility, and employers can check your activity to assess what type of candidate you are.

Top candidates are expected to be on these platforms and engage in the right conversations to improve their visibility. When sending in an application or resume, be sure to include a link to your Jobcase profile for verification. Having one can easily give you an advantage over other candidates.

3. It's a great way to see job postings

With over 130 million members, employers know they stand a good chance of landing the best candidates using Jobcase. That’s why most of them list their jobs here, especially under-the-radar jobs that only target specific candidates.

Go to the Jobcase job search page and search for jobs based on specific titles or keywords. You'll get a list of all relevant opportunities available at that point, and you can express interest in any that suit you.

Taking that next step becomes easier if you already have a Jobcase profile since you’ll need to use it to apply.

4. It could be part of the application process

More companies have moved toward standardized online hiring procedures. While others still require face-to-face interviews, they often come in later in the process, after the shortlisting has been done.

Companies use different hiring platforms, but most have a feature to import your profile information from your resume rather than filling this out from scratch.

A well-crafted profile is a huge advantage since hiring managers can view it alongside the resume. They can use it to quickly understand your experience as it summarizes all your professional details in a well-organized user interface. This saves them time instead of digging through a resume.

To be on the safe side and save yourself from filling out lengthy online forms every time you come across a job opportunity, create an excellent Jobcase profile. Then all you'll have to do for online applications is upload a resume, share your profile, and wait for feedback.

5. It is an easy way to create and maintain professional connections

Jobcase is a professional social network since users can follow others and connect with them. It has a community where you can post about work, interviews, and career-related items or ask questions.

This is a great way to build and maintain professional connections that may be useful in your job search. If you meet someone at a conference or career fair or come across a former colleague, it's easy to reconnect with them by sending them a message on Jobcase.

By engaging in various work-related conversations or discovering new topics, you open yourself up to a large community of professionals. Some connections start with simple discussions on a specific topic in the comments section. Here, you can meet professionals who share the same ideas with you, and they can easily refer you to opportunities within their circles.

6. It is an excellent way to research companies

When applying for a job or going through interviews, it's good to learn more about the company. Jobcase has a ton of information about popular workplaces you can read to learn more about them. Examples include Pizza Hut, Aldi grocery, McDonald’s, and Grubhub.

You can also look up the people that will run your interview and learn about them to help prepare for it.

Jobcase also has a comprehensive resources section that contains just about anything you need to know about job search.

It includes categories such as:

  • Latest hiring news

  • New job options

  • Tips to get hired

  • Work-from-home tips and opportunities

  • How to avoid job scams

  • Tips for building work connections

  • Second chances at work

  • Personality-based job search

  • Job benefits and perks

7. It can help build your brand

Your Jobcase profile is a great place to showcase your skills and experience in a specific niche. Without a profile, it's hard to show off your expertise to hiring managers.

Your profile becomes even more attractive with recommendations and endorsements from other professionals. Hiring managers will be more confident about employing you if other people testify to your skills.

Fill out your profile and engage with connections who can endorse you, especially if you already work somewhere. This'll go a long way in building your personal brand, to the point where you become well-known for your expertise and can, in turn, endorse others.

Create a Jobcase profile

Completing an online job profile might be lengthy and boring, but it's necessary in this age. You only have to fill it out correctly once to reap the benefits. Plus, smart platforms like Jobcase can save you time by importing information directly from your resume.

Jobcase is a large professional community and an excellent place to have a profile. You stand to enjoy the multiple benefits indicated above, and you'll be on a platform that increases the chances of landing that role you've been eyeing.

Create and fill out a Jobcase profile today, and make sure you do it well. It'll open up a whole new world of opportunities and help you secure the job you want.



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