Advantage Solutions benefits to look for during your job search

Last updated: July 13, 2024
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Advantage Solutions benefits to look for during your job search
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Looking for a job in which you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow as a professional? Opportunities for learning and growth are important, but so are job benefits — especially if you want to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Advantage Solutions is one of the companies that provides both great job benefits and opportunities to develop your skills. Plus, they have jobs available for people from all walks of life, so you’re bound to find something that suits your experience level.

Keep reading to learn more about Advantage Solutions benefits and how you can apply to work at one of their companies.

What is Advantage Solutions?

Advantage Solutions is a sales, marketing, and technology company based in the United States. They have multiple subsidiaries. Most of them help retailers and brands across the globe grow their sales, lower business costs, and solve problems.

In short, Advantage Solutions offers sales, marketing, and retailer services. But they do so under several company names.

Some companies that operate under the Advantage Solutions umbrella include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Sage Tree

  • Waypoint

  • Interactions Consumer Marketing

  • SAS Retail Merchandising

  • Blitz Agency

  • AMP Agency

Currently, Advantage Solutions has a large market share in the retail industry. For instance, 95% of retailers in the US use Advantage Solutions as an exclusive in-store experiential partner.

What type of company is Advantage Solutions?

At its core, Advantage Solutions is a marketing agency that helps retail commerce businesses drive growth.

But they do much more than marketing. According to their core values, they work at the intersection of brands, retailers, and consumers. For instance, they can help brands come up with the right products at the right moment.

This means you don’t have to work as an account representative or sales representative if you’re looking for a job at Advantage Solutions. Because they cover a wide range of disciplines, they have opportunities for all types of workers across nearly all states.

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Where is Advantage Solutions based?

Sonny King founded Advantage Solutions in 1987, and the company has been growing ever since.

The headquarters of the company are in Irvine, California, but they have offices for several of their companies across the US. No matter where you currently live, you’re likely to be close to an Advantage Solutions office.

And if you aren’t, they have work-from-home opportunities available, too.

How many people work for Advantage Solutions?

If you decide to apply to work at Advantage Solutions, you’ll join a large group of workers. In total, they have over 60,000 associates, including:

  • Retail operators

  • Data scientists

  • Account managers

  • Creative workers

  • Subject matter professionals

These professionals work on behalf of Advantage Solutions but also for their 3,500 plus clients across 200,000 retail locations.

On average, Advantage Solutions spends 8 million dollars annually to acquire new talent and help them develop.

Advantage Solutions benefits for employees

Advantage Solutions’ purpose is: “We grow people, brands, and businesses.” As such, they don’t just want to grow their clients’ businesses — they also want their employees to reach that next stage.

They offer full-time and part-time work opportunities. In terms of schedules, they’re looking for employees to cover day and night shifts.

As an employee at Advantage, you can grow with them and learn new skill sets you’ll be able to take with you throughout your entire career. Here’s what you can expect regarding benefits when you work at this company.

1. Paid time off benefits

This benefit isn’t the same across the board. Paid time off depends on which of the subsidiary companies you work for and other factors. For example, how much paid time off you get also depends on your position and length of employment.

To give you an idea of what to expect, consider that 50% of employees with 3-6 years of work experience at the company report getting between 10-15 days of paid time off per year.

Based on this report, it’s unlikely that you’ll get paid time off as soon as they hire you. However, you may get this additional benefit as you gain more experience at the company.

2. Health and financial benefits

Apart from paid time off and your typical salary, Advantage employees also get access to a variety of health benefits and financial incentives.

For example, full-time employees get insurance benefits for:

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Life

Part-time employees have supplemental benefits options they can opt into.

Jobs that require you to travel on the job have mileage reimbursement, which means they don’t expect you to fund your own travels.

Additionally, employees get 401(k) plans with a company match on up to 5% of your base salary.

Some of their companies offer additional benefits, too. Let’s take Daymon, for example. Employees who work at Daymon get a health savings account and support for disability. They also get access to programs for health and wellness.

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3. Office perks benefits

General office perks aren’t widely known for Advantage Solutions. They likely depend on your manager and which subsidiary you work at.

However, some job listings offer remote opportunities, which means you can avoid the commute and save time and money. For instance, Beekeeper Marketing has a fully remote team.

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Depending on your location, you may get free samples, especially if you work at a retail location.

4. Career development benefits

Finally, you’ll get some career development benefits as an Advantage employee. The first one is the Advantage Solutions Better Together Education Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship helps employees who attend college, university, and even CEGEP if they live in Canada.

The scholarship is administered by Scholarship America. Keep in mind that you need to be employed with them for at least one year before you can apply for the scholarship.

The company also offers training and career development. The specifics will drastically vary depending on what type of work you do for the company.

How to apply to work at Advantage Solutions

Want to access Advantage Solutions employee benefits? Advantage Solutions has loads of available jobs in many sectors. Here’s how to find and apply for work opportunities at one of their many companies

1. Choose the job type you’re looking for

Advantage Solutions offers three types of jobs. The first type is Corporate, which has opportunities for careers in:

  • Business development

  • Creative and product development

  • Sales

  • Finance

  • Information technology

  • Retail sales and merchandising

  • Marketing

  • Client services

  • Legal

  • Human resources

  • Field management

  • Category management

Next is the Field option. People who get jobs of this type will be directly in the field — usually in a retail setting. Examples include:

  • Retail project merchandiser

  • Retail reset merchandiser

  • Brand ambassador

  • Event specialist

  • Promotional sales specialist

  • Retail sales merchandiser

  • Assembler

  • Field supervisor

  • Club supervisor

Finally, Advantage Solutions also has Military positions. All job types in the two previous categories are available for members of the military and veterans.

But choosing one of these fields isn’t the only consideration you have to make. They also have several branches and companies in:

  • Sales agencies

  • Marketing agencies

  • Technology services

  • Retail agencies

  • International commerce

So how can you know which path to choose? First, survey your existing skills and past experiences to determine which job type and company type you’re best suited for. You should also consider what type of shift you want to have. For instance, corporate jobs likely have a 9-to-5 or similar schedule, but not everyone thrives in this type of schedule.

You can search for a job by location, keyword, or job title when you visit the Advantage Solutions Career portal:

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2. Create your profile and prepare your resume

The exact steps to apply for your chosen position will vary depending on which company you’re applying for within Advantage Solutions.

For example, let’s look at a full-time retail sales merchandiser for Retail Odyssey. To apply for this job, you need to create a profile on the job board site they use. But other positions in other subsidiary companies under Advantage Solutions may post job opportunities elsewhere.

You can use Jobcase to create your resume when you apply instead of starting from scratch. Simply fill in your profile with all your skills, relevant experiences, and educational background before you download a PDF version that’s ready to use for applications.

3. Log in often to check the status of your application

Your work isn’t complete once you submit your application. Make sure to check your email daily, so you don’t miss an update.

You should also watch your phone, so you don’t miss a call. Remember to leave your notifications on instead of putting your phone on silent.

If you don’t hear back from the position you initially wanted, don’t despair. Re-apply to other positions that interest you — you don’t have to stick to one position or subsidiary company.

Start a high-paying career at Advantage Solutions

Advantage Solutions has a job opportunity for nearly every type of worker. If you need support to help you get ahead in your job search, join Jobcase to network with a helpful community of workers just like you — and don’t forget to use the resume builder to stand out from other applicants.



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