After unemployment, what comes next?

After unemployment, what comes next?

Amy Carleton
April 23, 2020

Take inventory of your skills and experience to land a new opportunity.

Like many of us, you may now find yourself suddenly laid off or furloughed from your job due to the Coronavirus. If you were working in the hospitality or travel industry, for example, you might find that opportunities in that area are now limited.

What should you do next?

You may be worried, especially if your work has changed. But you may be well-qualified for other opportunities. Take stock of the skills you already have that might be a good match for a new job. Before the economy slowed down, you were probably too busy to think about what else was out there. But now you may have some time to think about what your next move should be.

Many companies are now thinking about how they can “pivot”--that is, how to use their existing skills to find a new opportunity. Industrial manufacturers are now making PPEs (personal protective equipment), fashion industry companies are producing masks, formally packed restaurants are now offering takeout and “grocery bundles” to keep communities well-fed.

So how can you pivot? Check out this online Skills Matcher tool to get started.

Customer Service Skills

Are you a people person? A skilled communicator? Do you thrive in environments where you can find solutions to customer problems in real time? Are you able to multitask, manage records, and prioritize tasks?

Potential opportunities: online customer service representative, banking concierge, service call scheduler

Hands-on Skills

Can you see a project on TV and make it happen in your own home after a quick visit to the home improvement center? Can you hang a shelf or a picture without taking out a level? Are you the “handy person” in your family or friend group?

Potential opportunities: construction laborer, home improvement consultant, landscaper or tree trimmer

Technology Skills

Are you the go-to person in your friend group for technology questions? Are you a whizz at online research or know the ins and outs of every app? Did you teach yourself how to edit audio and video? Can you create complex spreadsheets to track budgets and project timelines?

Potential opportunities: online tech support, database administrator, instructional designer

Language Skills

Do you speak another language? Have experience living or working abroad? Have knowledge and understanding of diverse cultural and regional communities?

Potential opportunities: Document translation, medical or legal interpreter, social service caseworker

Next steps: Websites like Skillshare or Lynda are now offering free trial memberships to learn business, technology, or creative skills to further boost your existing expertise.



J Shields

what ever You decide.. Do not think that Check from the Goverment will support You staying at Home..

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Micheal Miller

Can't get through to unemployment. Antiquated system. Cannot even reply to them through email! Everything says to mail or fax information requested... What???