Unemployment Benefits: How do I apply?


You’ll need to apply for unemployment benefits with your state. Due to COVID-19, many states have changed their Unemployment Insurance programs and eligibility requirements in order to help a greater number of workers. Please visit your state's official unemployment website to find out more details.

Check out Jobcase's Unemployment Resource Center for any specific state requirements or concerns. Just select your state from the dropdown!

Here are the basics for applying:


Usually, you should apply for unemployment benefits in the state where you worked. However, if you worked in multiple states or have moved to a new state, contact the unemployment program where you currently live to learn how to apply.


File for unemployment benefits with your state program as soon as possible after losing your job. Since there are so many workers applying, wait times may be higher than normal. Keep trying!

What you need to apply

When filing for benefits, you will need to know the dates of your employment and the contact information of your former employers.

When to expect payment

Under normal circumstances, most people receive their first benefit check in two to three weeks. This may depend on your state's rules and on the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19.