Popular positions at The Home Depot

Popular positions at The Home Depot

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August 23, 2020

Below are the different careers areas with The Home Depot

The Home Depot retail positions

Sales | Customer Service

  • These jobs go hand-in-hand at most Home Depots, and some stores combine them into one position

  • Focus on meeting the customers’ needs, taking them to the correct area of the store or to the items they are looking for

  • Up-sell customers on better items, if possible

This position has two aspects depending on how the store is set up and what the store needs are during your shift:

  • If you work in a store with self-checkout kiosks, there are cashiers who monitor all self-checkout machines and assist customers with the checkout process
  • You may also have a regular cashier job, checking out the items the customer brings to you, and finding someone to load them in the car for the customer

Store Support | Lot Associate (Operations)

In this role, you will load purchased items into the customers’ vehicle, dispose of trash and other debris left at the front of the store, and greet customers as they come in

Freight Associate (Operations)

  • Work through the night stocking up store merchandise

  • Ensure the store is clean, and organize the 'sales floor' by setting up the marketing displays and restocking merchandise

The Home Depot Supply Chain positions

General Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Associates are an essential part of The Home Depot distribution network

They keep products moving through the warehouse by unloading trucks from suppliers, moving merchandise with hand trucks, forklifts, hoists, motorized conveyors, etc., and loading for delivery to another store or customer.

General Office Associate

Office Associates perform several tasks within a warehouse, but one of the most important roles is acting as customer service. Office Associates schedule deliveries, troubleshoot orders, and are the main contact for customers, both in store and on the phone.

Drivers | Driver Helper

Drivers and Driver Helpers deliver product directly to customers from both warehouses and stores. Deliveries can include anything from light bulbs to lumber, and they ensure that the customer gets their purchases safely and on time.



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