Unemployment Benefits: What if my benefits end?

At some point in time, your unemployment benefits will come to an end as they are designed to be a temporary solution as you search for employment.

If yours are about to end make sure you prepare early to lessen the impact when your benefits do run out. Here are somethings to consider.

The amount of time that unemployment benefits will be paid is determined by your state. For YOUR state's specific information, click here.

  • Usually, most states pay benefits for a period of 26 weeks, but they may extend benefits when there is a high percentage of unemployed workers.

  • If you currently receive benefits and the state chooses to extend the benefits program, your unemployment insurance agency should contact you.

  • You can contact your state unemployment insurance agency to ask about extending your benefits.

  • In the worst case, if you become eligible you can enroll in state and federal welfare programs for assistance.

Some guidelines have changed

Due to COVID-19 and passage of The CARES Act, the federal government has changed some guidelines to allow states to increase and extend benefits:

  • Workers can now get an additional $600 per week for up to six months.

  • If you are currently receiving benefits from your state, they can be extended for an additional 13 weeks.

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Stay strong and remember to check out all the resources available to you!

How has the unemployment process been for you so far?