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New tips and tricks to navigate unemployment becase you are jobless not hopeless! This topic explores how to approach being unemployed as well as offers support from fellow job seekers.
Cornelia Jasper
4 days ago
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Shayna Resnick

Is hard with COVID benefits gone

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Dennis Patrick

not in Florida, it's a joke

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Chris Scruggs
about 2 months ago

Wrongfully terminated!

I reported to work one morning and the owner kept his dog in the office where the employees clock in and out of and the dog ran out and I was told that I had to go get him and put him back in the office and I refused and I was told to go home.

Kathleen Ramirez Wise
5 days ago

I have been unemployed for 2 years now. I have tried all the alternatives to apply and noone has replied. TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) has denied the benefits because agency said I Quit. So now, my question, could it be my age, background or what? People say theres alot of jobs but where?

James Andes
19 days ago


Unemployment benefits, do you still have to fill out your weekly certification even if your benefits have run out. They said that I can refile on 12/31/21. That’s when I can start to receive benefits again. Thanks

Jan Taylor
about 2 months ago

Termination After Filing Grievance

As a courtesy to the owner, I will keep the company's name out of my post. This was a work-from-home, hospitality customer service job.

I worked at this company for four years, gaining experience in both hospitality customer service and various departments within the company. I loved my job and actually looked forward to going to work each day.

The company started to experience a growth spurt and along with that, some new management in the call center. As a Team Lead, it had been my responsibility to assist, coach, and develop agents on my team.

A new team lead came aboard and was trained correctly by our senior team lead on how to do her job. The senior team lead was in an accident that prevented her from working for about seven months and I became the senior team leader.

This new team lead, in turn, trained other new team leads on how to do the job her way, which left out quite a bit of paperwork that was required for the job. She and the other new team leads took advantage of the company by working excessive hours and became extremely bossy.

When I questioned what they were doing, I would get very rude comments back and those conversations were then given to the manager completely out of context and complaints made about me. Something wasn't sitting right, so I started documenting everything going on in the call center.

My responsibilities started being taken away such as one-on-one time with my agents and assigning work to be done. Our call center's focus became more quantity than quality which was a 180-degree turnaround for the company. Questions to my manager were being ignored and attempts at reprimanding me for the aforementioned conversations were being made by the manager and call center director.

At this point, I took most of my concerns and complaints to HR by way of a formal grievance on a Friday. By Monday, I did get to meet with the owner of the company who I highly respected until that meeting was over. As soon as that meeting was over, I was called into another meeting with the manager and call center director and given a formal reprimand. (thus retaliation)

Within a week, I was finally fired from my job via another meeting with the manager and call center director. I was ready for this as another company offered me a contract just two hours before I was terminated but the job would not start until November.

I filed for unemployment and figured that I would have to write an appeal. My termination paperwork stated a number of "exhibits" but no attachments to the email. I requested these exhibits from HR so that I could properly appeal if needed and was turned down stating they were proprietary and confidential. I most likely have all of these exhibits and many more.

In the end, the unemployment office stated that there was no misconduct on my part as claimed in my termination and I was given my unemployment. About the same time, the owner of the company emailed me and let me know he would be happy to give me a reference should I need one.

The moral to the story is this: if you are not comfortable at work, you feel like something is very wrong, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! If your manager doesn't listen to you, find another job. I did and I am too damn old to put up with what I did for the past six months.

#workfromhome #termination #wrongful termination #retaliation #poor management #call center #hospitality

Mike Edwards
3 months ago

How unemployment is going to make me homeless

Unemployment has caused me to be on the verge of homelessness because it has been over 3 months since i had to reregister my claim and it still hasn't been processed and i have called them almost every week expressing myconcerns and the importance of getting my benifits asap cause 2 1/2 of those months i had ZERO income. I couldn't pay rent, any kind of bills & had to pawn & borrow money just to get gas or groceries. Now im facing an eviction notice and i have uploaded the documents to my account for them to see and still there's nothinf they can do to expidite my claim to avoid being homeless. It makes me wonder just how many families are about to be evicted because their claim hasnt been processed.

Billy Bee
about 2 months ago

help wanted

Just wondering. Why are people quitting their jobs and/or begging for more unemployment benefits??? There are help wanted signs everywhere(I work full time). #jobsearch #benefits #hiringnews #hiring #fulltime #hiringevents

Celeste Potter
2 days ago

I’ve been out of work for a year now I’m 52 not as fast as I once was I’ve had a hard time finding work that I can do because there are things I can’t do like I use to been staying with a dear friend of mine mine cause I have no income & no luck finding job my job shut down after working 20 years there that’s all I no is factory work. I did get to draw unemployment tge first 6 weeks that was it suppose to got extensions but never did van I reply for UI? #unemployment

Sonya Lewis
12 days ago

Negative people...ugh!

It is time to Shut out those Negative people in society. Especially when it Comes to Work(Employment). We all have a Past, we all have issues and We All Deserve to Work in Peace. People need to realize how you Address others and your Tone could cause miscommunication or Bad communication. It's better to be Part of the Solution & not the problem.*****I wish All the BEST - just Hang in there if you are unemployed. Be Positive-Give it to God🙏😌You will get Employment soon....keep looking. 😊💗#Motivation