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Mark Greenburg
over 6 months ago

NO money for diapers!!

One time at work this woman came rushing in and was frantically looking for diapers for her baby. I helped show her where the aisle was. She explained that her 11-year-old son had grabbed the wrong bag for her on their way out. She was rushing and the baby was screaming so she hadn't been paying attention. Their bag had no baby supplies and they were far away from home when the baby needed a change. I tried to make her laugh and cheer her up as the baby was getting fussy. I told her this can happen to any mom. As she goes to pay she realizes her wallet is also in the other bag as well and she starts to get upset. I took the diapers from her and went to my co-worker's register and had her ring me out along with some wipes and some candy for her son. She hugged me with tears in her eyes. I never felt so good before. The next week wouldn't you know it she came back to the store and told us she wouldn't shop anywhere else but Walgreens. She handed me a check for $100 to thank me for "saving the day." I was shocked! I told her I was just doin what anyone else would. She said no one else would have helped them the way I had.

Raina Dominguez
over 6 months ago

I was in the parking lot when...

I work at Dollar General and I was in the parking lot doing a cart run and picking up trash when I saw an elderly woman who looked VERY lost. I asked her what her name was but she didn't speak to me. It was very hot outside and she looked like she had been in the sun to long so I ran back in and grabbed my manager. She helped me get the woman into our store and gave her some water. We contacted her in case of emergency person which was her daughter and when she got there she kept hugging me. Her mom has memory loss and got out of the house somehow and walked for miles. I was happy to help out and hope someone would do that for my grams.