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Florence Makgota
almost 2 years ago

The biggest mistake I made as a #Multitasking at #Loconacho ...

Made a wrong order

Lisa Roberts
almost 5 years ago

I need some help setting and sticking to priorities

I’ve notice how successful people can simultaneously juggle multiple issues, projects, and responsibilities without getting overwhelmed or missing a beat. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. I’ve tried list (mental and written) in the past but that doesn’t work. Anybody have suggestions/tips?

Stephanie K
over 1 year ago

Skills that will help you change careers

There are common keywords in just about every job posting that relates to skills such as -

-Communication, multitasking, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking and leadership. These keywords or phrases are called TRANSFERABLE SKILLS that apply in all professions. They are the foundation of all of the professional success you will experience in your current career and the career you may retire in over the years.

-A review of your transferable skills - You may read about communication and think " Yes, I can see how communication skills are important and hallelujah, I have good communication skills". Take time to recall examples of your communication skills and the role they play in the success of your work.

-Same about multitasking skills - You may realize that you need improvement in this area. Whatever you identify a transferable skill that needs work - you have found a professional development project. : IMPROVING THAT SKILL. Your attention to that areas will REPAY you for the rest of your working life, no matter HOW YOU MAKE A LIVING.

7 Transferable Skills -Technical -Communication -Critical Thinking -Multitasking -Teamwork -Creativity -Leadership

These transferable skills are interconnected - For example : Good verbal skills require both listening and critical thinking skills to accurately process incoming information. And you will be able to present your outgoing verbal message to your audience that is understood and accepted.

-Technical Skills - This is crucial in the IT world or anything related to computers BUT tech skills can enhance your stability and help leverage your professional growth by staying current with tech skills of your chosen career path is the keystone to professional stability and growth.

-Communication skills - Verbal Skills - What you say and how you say it Listening skills - Listening to understand rather than waiting your turn to talk Writing skills - Clear written communication, essential for success in any career. It creates a lasting impression of who you are

-Critical Thinking Skills - Are the professional world application of all of the problem-solving skills you've been developing since grade school. Analytical or problem-solving skills allow professionals to logically think through and clearly to examine the problem, ask the critical questions, look through the factors affecting the solution and decide which solution is to keep and which to disregard. Bosses love it when employees present them a solution with the problem

-Multitasking - I've discovered that this is the most desired skill of this generation. My job requires multitasking and it is based on 3 things - Being organized, establish your priorities and managing your time. This keeps you informed about what you have achieved.

-Teamwork Skills - Teamwork asks that a commitment to the team and it's success comes first. This means you take on a task because it needs to be done, not because it makes you look good. This skill is especially important if you intend to be in a leadership role. I always look for candidates who are in management roles that are capable of understanding the critical dynamics of teamwork. So if you want or intend to be a leader- learn to be a teamplayer.

-Creativity Skills - This skill comes from the frame of reference you have for your work, professional and industry. There's a big difference between creativity and having ideas. Ideas IMO are like headaches - We all get them once in a while. Creativity is the ability to develop those ideas wit the strategic and tactical know how to bring them to life. This skills also demands that you harness other transferable skills to bring these ideas to life. From my experience - creativity springs from my critical thinking, multitasking, communication, teamwork and leadership.

-Leadership Skills - When your team believes in your competence, and that you have everyone's success as your goal - they will follow you. You accept responsibility but they get the credit. When your actions INSPIRE others to think more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are on your way to becoming a leader.

Your job as a leader is to make your team function, so your teamwork skills give you the smarts to pull your team together to work in a cohesive unit. Your technical , critical thinking and creativity skills help you correctly define challenges your team faces and gives you the wisdom to guide them toward solutions. Your creativity enables you to come up with solutions that others may not have seen. Your multitasking skills will allow you to create a practical blueprint for success that will help your team take ownership of the task and deliver results - ON TIME.

From my experience - leadership is a combination and outgrowth of all transferable skills plus the clear presence of all professional values. Leaders aren't born - they are self-made. And just like anything else, it takes HARD WORK.

So, remember to:

-Develop these skills -Make them a living dimension of your professional brand -Understand how each enables you to do every aspect of your job just a bit better -Reference them subtly in your resume and other written communications ( cover letter) -Reference them appropriately in your meetings/interviews with employers as underlying skills that will enable you to do your work well.

Most important - when these skills become a part of you, they will being greater success to everything you do.

Happy Hunting in the New Year. May it bring you everything you want. So. Go. And. Get. That. Damn.Job.!

Florence Makgota
almost 2 years ago

My advice to people interested in working at #Loconacho as a #Multitasking ...

To have a good work ethics and be honest

Maryann Escarsega
about 1 year ago

Something great I learned at my job was

How to multi task.and help others