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Trey Stokes
about 1 month ago

It seems half the people on this site really don’t want to work - so many complaints or excuses either why they left a job or why they refuse to work a particular job - A job by definition is work, it’s working within a system that someone else has created it’s working with diverse personnel all with highly diverse backgrounds, that means working with people from back grounds who do not act like you want them to and or they don’t act or behave like yourself. once upon a time our parents worked whatever job they had to do in order to achieve their desired goals, and those who truly have a focus will work whatever job they have to in order to pay their bills and build up a good financial foundation. Unless you are the founder and owner of a job Then you have to put all else aside and work, life isn’t TikTok people need to work - of course unless your making money off of TikTok, but stop being so picky then regretting not being able to work six months down the road..or having a job then deciding to quit simply because the people are difficult- those people will not pay your bills and if you leave your job life goes on for them and your back in the job hunt struggling. Grow up and go to work, stick it out until something better and solid comes along. #gotowork #jobsearch #wordsofadvice