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Looking for Remote Work till I graduate with my Masters

Got a lead finally from a work-at-home job and they were quick to hire me. Brace yourself this is long and the full back story. The interview went rather quickly over the phone and in less than 10 minutes on the phone, I was hired on the spot for a call center. Did all my pre-assessments, mandatory paperwork, drug test, and background check. Passed everything. 2 weeks later on the very first day not only was I left wondering what was going on with the meetings that were in place for training but a lot of my fellow people were happy to be hired as well. 1st week was a catastrophe, no organization, no equipment being sent out in a timely fashion, everyone feeling lost in translation with meeting links that either doesn't work or kick us out every 15 to 20 minutes. We started off with around 80 people being trained and after the first week over half dropped out because of the dis-organization and cluelessness from the leads and management team. Forward to week 2, a lot of fellow training employee's like me are still being shoveled around because they act as if they did not know what they were doing, and we are all still questioning why the folks can't seem to get organized. 10 more drop out the few days, then more following the next few days with some of the top performers dropping out quickly as the week continues. I am still one of the ones with no equipment on week 2 as they slowly trickle in equipment to everyone. Finally, get my equipment on that Wednesday evening, set it up, and nothing but trouble with old equipment. I do what I can and finally get online by Friday. Now remind you that in order for us to get through our training we have to know what we are doing.. a lot of people are hands-on learners like myself. They rush us into certifying even though we just got our equipment. Still disorganized but think we can all handle a system that you really need to know how to correctly work in order to get the job done efficiently and effectively. I'm irritated by now and my anxiety is at an all-new level because I have stated I do not feel comfortable with moving on to certifying since I have only had my work equipment up and fully running for a day or two. Still pushing the issue and not listening one of the leads shoots me off to a certified who expresses his concern with it as well and hears me out. Next week back at it again with forcing certifying on a system that I still have no real idea on how it operates even after telling upper management that I have had no real-time to learn the system. Tuesday I get ahold of HR and tell them enough is enough, there is too much disorganization and when someone tells you that they are not comfortable in their job and need just a few more days to get a handle on it they still push to certify you. HR says she is sorry about all that has gone on and I automatically put in notice that I am not continuing on. By now I have learned that they are down to a handful of people and still receiving messages from the initial meeting link with people lost in translation think they only made it out of the training with maybe 10 to 12 people. Please tell me all call-centers are not like this because for a work-at-home job this was an ideal thing for me, but to know that so much disorganization was going on has me fearful of wanting to look for something else that is work-at-home-based. #callcenter #workathome #stressed

over 1 year ago
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