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Restaurant Worker / Designer / Marketing

Your major role as the host is to ensure the happiness of guests by keeping order, monitoring table activities, and providing a pleasant eating experience.

Check that you have all the required resources, such as pencils, highlighters, seating maps, and note-taking paper, and ask your manager if you need anything else. For a good host, make sure clean silverware is accessible.

To allocate new tables, keep track of section layouts, table layouts, server stations, party sizes, and arrival timings. When creating seating charts, keep reservations in mind, as well as the number of open tables in each area.

Inform servers about how much room they have for multiple tables and whether they can manage larger groups. It's critical to verify they're all on the same team and to inquire whether they're ready for more tables.

Walk the floor with your seating map to check tables during a busy dinner shift. Look for seated but unoccupied tables, as well as diners who have gone on to dessert, since waiters may be ready for new tables shortly.

When not engaged with other activities, assist with clearing and arranging tables, wiping off tables, putting down cutlery, and straightening chairs.

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Mission Market at Wildhorse Casino Resort

Your table of six is seated and table twenty four is great for desert

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Is sure

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