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Hi @Toni Smith , welcome to jobcase! Ready for some good news! There are a lot of legitimate employers hiring remote workers right now. The key issue for job seekers is identifying which jobs are legit and which are scams. If you're serious about searching and landing remote job opportunities, take a look and/or bookmark the Avoid Job Scams Resource Center. The job search suggestions and strategies are designed to help you identify, avoid, and report inappropriate job offers.

Your previous work experience in the hospitality and healthcare industry is good but I noticed you don't have any related remote work experience listed on your profile. This might present challenges for you during the online job search application process.

For better success, take a look at the related remote job search and employment information on the Work From Home Resource Center. There you will find helpful information like Is a work from home role right for you? designed to help you make better job application choices.

Also, make sure you use an optimized resume with your online applications. Upload your resume onto the Jobcase Profile or use the resume builder option to create your new optimized resume. Doing this will make your online application submissions easier.

For new remote jobs take a look at the Sykes - Work From Home Job Opportunities. We also keep an updated list of new job leads and hiring announcements on the #workfromhome topic page.

Start here and connect right back with us if you have any questions.

Thanks & Good Luck!

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