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It gave me opportunity to start working Again

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about 2 months ago
Juanita Collick

Hi, They don't! I have made several attempts to move forward and applied for the House Manager positions on two occasions, once in 2019/2020 and 2022. I was told by Ms. Pope that I don't have the qualifications for the positions. In fact, I am more than qualified. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Healthcare, 2000. I worked for Service Coordination, 2014 -2016, I am a Support Broker for DDA, and was a House Manager for Mid-Atlantic in Belair, Maryland. The Director of Residential, Steve Adams, has never talked with me after any interviews nor has he or Human Resources has ever written a letter as to why I don't qualify for the House Manager. Thank you very much for asking me about my experience at Chimes.

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Juanita Collick

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