Tatyana de la Cruz Soto

Is there a chance to get a job as a Microbiologist with just the Bachelor Degree? I’ve been looking for any type of position in which I can apply everything I learned but everything (and just one of the 37 places I applied) is for $8.60 an hour as production (I live in PR and minimum wage is $8.50 but at many fast food the kid with 16 years and not even a HS diploma is at $9.00+). I want to show everyone what I’m capable of but this thing of not actually getting an interview as a Microbiologist is making me think that I made a mistake and I can’t afford any further studies since I don’t own that kind of money right now.

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about 1 month ago
Reena B.
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Unfortunately, I know quite a few people who have a bachelor's in some science but they are not able to get a good job without experience. We value science but don't reward people who decide to go into it. I would make a list of all the companies that are related to your field, like Bristol Myers Squibb. Take time and look everyday for any job posting. Take a job, any job to get your foot in the door and then you might be able to work yourself in to the job you want. You may get a heads up on jobs while you work in those companies.

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Andrea Zabinski

Start your own cleaning business on HomeAdvisor, charge $50 an hour in a high income area, limit it to 2 hours or 3 depending on how large the house is! I am serious there is no other way to make this kind of money for years even with a degree. You can clean peoples houses for free, time yourself and get recommedations that you will need. SUPER EASY!

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