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I had an interview today with a person of a small business who never asked me how much I want to get paid or even what type of position I was looking for in terms of freelance or part-time. They also didn’t bother to ask me where I was located nor did they state their location on the job listing. This interviewer asked for examples of my design work which I provided via email to which she responded by saying this is not my taste. Of course it’s not your taste when the designs were not catered to your company and they were designed for somebody else which I explain to her. It was kind of odd to have to explain this to a person who claims to be in the industry for 10 years . She then requested that I provide designs that are more catered towards her company she also requested that I send her trends that again are geared towards her company, to me this was asking for a job that I would normally get paid for. I’m starting to think this person is using the interview process as a tactic to get free designs from interviews . When do you think interviewers looking for freelance designers are asking for too much? And where do you draw the line? #interview #jobsearch #scams #freelance #designer

about 2 years ago
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