Lenin Pina

Hi Jakob, will this be your 1st job? You should be able to file an online application with Safeway for a 'front end' jobs without a resume BUT having one will help boost your online application rating system and make you a more interesting candidate among hiring managers.

@Ashley Wilson shares some quick and simple resume writing tips on her post Teens: land a job by creating a resume!. Click on the post link above and give it a look-over for ideas.

Safeway is also an essential employer so may be able to walk in and follow up on your application status with a hiring manager. This usually helps boost your application status.

CareerOneStop also offers an excellent resource tool for teen workers, see GetMyFuture for more information. Let us know how the Safeway job works out for you Jakob and continue to keep us updated on your job search progress. Thanks & Good Luck!

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