Warrior Princess
United States, MD 21044

I have several years of progressive Project Management experience in both the public and private sectors. I have experience in leading and managing Help Desk, Deployment, and virtual Project teams.... show more


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Work experience
Cognosante, LLC
Senior Project Manager

Oversee the implementation of IT systems for state healthcare projects. Develops strong team building environment staff to improve client and vendor satisfaction through timely, high quality deliverables. Liaise with key clients and lead project stakeholders.
Selected accomplishments:
*Establishes exceptional client relationships and successfully manage expectations as well as deliverables while maintaining client satisfaction.
*Provides guidance in the review of contractor produced products and deliverables and set high standards for employees to meet goals.
*Manages and delivers communication with stakeholders
*Provide governance and guidance to ensure that all quality products delivered.
*Provides governance and direction to Project Managers to successfully execute effective project that are completed on time and on budget
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Project Manager

Led multiple teams and worked directly with contractors to provide processes, project management support, change management, release management, data governance, and training. Managed data analytics contracts with multiple teams. Provided team guidance in the review of contractor-produced products and deliverables in accordance with contracts.
Selected accomplishments:
*Developed and implemented activities associated with procurement agency-wide IT contracts and ensured compliance.
*Conducted analysis across diverse components to ensure proper utilization of IT resources and fulfillment of contractual obligations.
Responsible for acquisition planning, contractor performance monitoring, proposal evaluation, and overall contract administration. Performed several aspects of project management including facilitating meetings, data analysis, team leadership, progress measurement, and interfacing between staff members and higher-ups.
Selected accomplishments:
*Coordinated efforts to ensure all tasks involved in solicitation, selection, and procurement of the center-wide project for the $7 billion dollar RMADA IDIQ contract.
*Coordinated and conducted meetings and briefings on project status and problem resolution to resolve any and all issues with progress.
*Recognized as a highly capable Project Manager, identifying opportunities for improvement and communicating recommendations to all executive levels.

Social Security Administration
Program Manager

Directed teams of IT professionals to identify and oversee systems projects, research, and review relevant laws regarding audits. Led diverse, cross-functional teams in the fulfillment of productivity, quality, and bottom-line objectives. Ensured implementation of policies, procedures, and standards to support operational and program processing objectives.
Selected accomplishments:
*Established and maintained close professional, working relationships with all audit teams as well as groups being audited.
*Consistently made authoritative recommendations about needed changes, new initiatives, and project terminations while maintaining a professional demeanor.
*Investigated and researched system versus process methodologies and prepared reports to summarize all important findings.
Has additional 10 years of experience as a Program and Project Management at CACI Corporation and Unisys Corporation


I am skilled in finding solutions to difficult issues.
I am able to find new and unique ways to achieve goals and bring a job or task to completion.
I care deeply about the success of the group or company of which I am a part.
The College of Notre Dame
Masters, Management