Will Rhudy
Technical Recruiter
Boston, MA 02125

I came to recruiting in a rather non-traditional way. After college I worked in a variety of service-industry positions before landing a contract job as a Research Associate. I was on the phone all... show more

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Work experience
Technical Recruiter

I work at Jobcase in Cambridge, MA with a focus on engineering and product positions. Have a question about Jobcase or just looking for a recruiter to bounce an idea off of? Drop me a line!

Technical Recruiter

I focused on building Chewy's engineering teams in Boston with a specific focus on senior Java developers. Since joining Chewy I've sourced and hired VP and Director-level engineering leaders as well as senior individual contributors who are building, scaling and optimizing our tools and applications that help pet parents provide for the furriest members of their families. Hired as employee #40 for the Boston expansion.

Sr. Researcher

Focused on market research and candidate sourcing for VP & C-level positions. Key industries: Technology, HR, Finance, and Operations.

Responsible for client-facing decks and market insight for key geographies and core competitors.

Stax Inc.
Research Associate Team Lead

• Lead point of contact for new Research Associates during the onboarding process.
• Serve as a mentor/coach for RAs to help them with day to day project responsibilities.
• Provide support to the Staffing and Recruiting Associate in the recruitment and selection process
• Collect and synthesize market data and competitive insights from a variety of sources via telephone
conversations and interviews with industry experts, C-level, V-level decision makers, industry
associations, and regulators.
• Compile additional secondary research via case studies, 10-k filings, Gartner reports, and other industry
• Effectively communicate findings and insights to project teams in verbal and written form.
• Engaged in the writing/drafting of investment presentations and competitor profiles through slide
production and specific competitor or market case studies.

I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I have great ideas and am able to think outside of the box.
I am able to adapt to new requirements, situations, or environments.

Manchester University
Bachelors, English - Writing

BS in English w/ a writing concentration. Studied journalism. Wrote an original play titled "Unforeseen Circumstances."

  • Competitive Research
  • Researched Market Trends
  • recruiting