Valerie VanOrden

I am a senior employee, working at home for my own company, HOUSE PORTRAITS AND CALLIGRAPHY. I do Spencerian penmanship. I do one stoke painting . I am a retired medical transcriptionist, of 23... show more


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Work experience
Farmer/Flea Markets

Sells hand-painted "one-stroke" type cards with decorated envelopes, laminated coasters, placemats of
Spencerian penmanship of old Christian hymns, done with dip-pen all by Val.


Driver for Amish housewife. Drive to and from Mendon, Colon, Sturgis, Three Rivers area.

Bronson Methodist Hospital
Medical Transcriptionist

Transcribed all general medical transcription: cardiac and STAT dictations, at a rate of 130 lines/hour
with 99.5% accuracy. Used MS word and Chartscript software. Transcribed 1,000 lines day.

Advanced Vascular Surgery
Medical Transcriptionist

Transcribed medical reports, executive letters, and STAT dictations from digital/micro-cassettes using
Microsoft; used WordPerfect first two years.. Filed, faxed, couriered.

Rehabilitation and Physical Med. Specialists, Grand Rapids, MI - Medical Transcript.

Rehab specialists
Medical transcriptionist
Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Deschapelles, Haiti
Administrative Secretary

Transcription of all executive letters and correspondence, bills of lading, kept keys, scheduled
Landrover drivers in French, sold stamps and counted change in French.

Blodgett Memorial Medical Center
Medical Transcriptionist

Transcribed pre-surgical history and physical reports and final summaries from tapes with Lanier
Software. Used Macros to shoot phrases on. Worked alone much of the time, 2nd shift.

University of Michigan Hospital
Medical Transcriptionist

Accurately transcribed all radiology medical transcription, summaries, CAT, spinal, and STAT

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Glen Oaks Comm. College
Ferris Kendall college art design
Bachelors, Art

Did not finish..boss at full time job needed me.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Bachelors, Art

Had surgery. Did not finish.

Davenport University
Western Mich. University
Dept health human svcs
Kiosk navigator

Meals on wheels