Tom Shepherd
Business Development Manager
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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Work experience
Senior Area Sales Director

Manage and cultivate new and existing Tier 1 Tier 2 accounts located in North America
*Partner with HCL customers and partners to ascertain issues, risks, and gaps within the customer network
*Leverage the HCL services and solutions to present a cohesive end to end sales solution valued at 10M+
*Set sales metrics and measure against company objectives and goals
*Conduct training and presentations on company solutions and services
*Project Manage cross functional teams in order to develop and deploy network applications and services


Responsible for team management partner relationship to ensure all metrics are met in accordance with T-Mobile requirements
*Recruited and manage a team of ten T-Mobile district specialist across 15 states with responsibility of retail 277 doors
*Mentor, motivate, and coach team in the art of becoming a Trusted Advisor
*Conduct weekly, monthly team performance reviews; adjusting strategy when and where necessary
*Month over month increase of connected services growing North Central business activations six-fold in 9 months
*Tasked with over achieving targeted quotas closing on average 2,000+ business activations per month
*Review sales and operations reporting metrics for Retail B2B: rep participation rates, personal guarantor utilization, GA's per rep (productivity), PSA, B2B percent to post.
*Influence T-Mobile and partner executives regarding marketing strategy to achieve business objectives.
*Lead joint account planning with T-Mobile partners and conduct onsite customer visits to validate results.
*Use consultative discovery of client business goals and translate them into effective end-user solutions.
*Project Manage cross functional teams in the T-Mobile partner environment to achieve mutual goals.


Provided business development opportunities for Americas' region. Handled services, vendor and resource management.
*Managed a remote team of Business Development Managers overseeing the North, Central, and South American regions
*Collaborated across client and product teams, developing, managing and integrating tactical and marketing plans, supporting revenue targets of $56M euros for 2012. Revenues in 2014 exceeding by $11M euros.
*Facilitated platform customization using existing Tirer 1 providers network elements to deliver proof of concept to validate video mail services
*Provided consultative selling to implement augmented staff services that assisted the customer to migrate from legacy networks to LTE multivendor endpoints.
*Developed and led cost optimization process for hosted managed services, and staff augmentation, resulting in 20% cost reduction in IMS deployments and 50% reduction in migration services.
*Implemented and managed the development of a multi-tenant cloud based IMS managed service to support Tier2 Tier 3 customers.

Business Development Manager

Provided professional services and business opportunities for Americas' region. Handled product, client, and vendor management. Developed and coordinated comprehensive global campaigns for end-user telecommunications technology services.
*Monetized customer's existing network elements by conceptualizing and selling SAAS for connected home services.
*Applied consulting expertise at major MSO for the deployment of Fiber to the Home services, resulting in 100% of target revenue 2010. Implemented quantitative and qualitative analysis of business solutions and endorsed future programs for high-leverage, end-user services.
*Provided consultative selling for IMS lab implementations at numerous AT locations in North America, resulting in Alcatel-Lucent as sole provider of Unified Communications solution for AT wireless division.
*Served on company merger team and identified common products and solutions that eliminated redundancies.

Field Marketing Manager

Served in marketing support role for Alcatel-Lucent products, solutions and services for Americas' region. Handled resource, client, and vendor management.
*Employed primary and secondary research tools that delivered compelling customized messaging offers to a Tier 1 service provider, resulting in $30M in revenue with $20K investment.
*Conceptualized and executed Alcatel-Lucent Converged Application Roadshow for Tier I and II customers across North America and Asia that monetized and promoted SaaS, LTE / IMS / Cloud based applications, and broadband services, resulting in $10M+ in sales.
*Supervised cross-functional team of 75 personnel for Alcatel-Lucent 3G / 4G Global events and shows in Asia and Europe.
*Produced and presented quantified / qualified value propositions for customer teams and ALU customers.
*Engaged in Alcatel-Lucent University Innovations Program working with Georgia Tech, developing and testing future generation end-user solutions using Geo location and Augmented Reality.

HCL Technologies
Area Sales Director
Sr. Manager
University of Phoenix