Sylvia Guillemette

I'm all about customer service and doing the best job I can. My first priority is helping others. It's very rewarding in its own way.


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Work experience
Enterprise Car Rental

I'm responsible for driving each assigned vehicle from one place to another. Whether I'm driving a car that was sold to a dealer or to the auction, or driving from one location to another to meet the demands of the rental reservations safely. I must observe all Rules of the Road.

Automotive Basics Information System

Teaching people the little things they need to know to stay safe, how to find information for things they need or want such as how to buy a car, how to troubleshoot, where to find free services, parts, accessories, weather preparation, and others. I will be offering on "hands on" class that will teach about how to use your owner's manual, how to find the information in the book and use it, tires, fluids, and other information.
Awards Acknowledgements
*Auto Zone - Going Beyond the Mile


I am cheerful, kind, polite, and interested in what others have to say.
I put my best effort into everything I do.
I have a strong sense of integrity and I value authenticity.

Goodwin College

Enrico Fermi High School
High School
  • people skills, listening, attention to detail
Work From Home

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