Suzy Cardell
Program Coordinator
Santa Cruz, CA 95073

HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATION • Proven ability to develop a vision and achieve program success • Planned and developed programs and events so to increase arts appreciation • Self-starter, utilized... show more

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Work experience
Public School Districts
Substitute Teacher

• Planned, organized and facilitated classes for individual and group studies
• Collaborated with aides and support staff to motivate and inspire students
• Developed process and trained Instructional Assistants for maximum learning
• Raised level of understanding through individual coaching and rewards
• Managed classrooms and test material, submitted for state reports

Costco Home Interiors
Independent Sales Consultant

• Established initial contact and built phone rapport with customers to make appointments. Bringing in ~$900K
year of business
• Worked with customers and business contacts to solve budget constraints
• Created record keeping and follow-up system to develop sales
• Reported to Executive Manager & HQ through on on-line database
• Participated in local training seminars and Regional meetings
• Represented company for promotional events to expand business

Baha'i Non-Profit
Diversity Organizer

• Organized volunteer outreach task force, workshops and activity coordination
• Coordinated with Recruitment, Marketing, Technology and Finance teams
• Developed solutions to problems with growth, profitability & expansion
• Worked with several operational aid budgets for local national & international funds,
including the support of several schools & educational programs
• Reported to national & international administration with development results
• Traveled to European countries, Africa & South America to help with causes

Ethan Allen
Sales Consultant

• Established initial contact, built rapport with clients to develop business
• Advised customers on budget and financing, average 10-30K per sale
• Created pricing worksheets for projects and bids for customers
• Reported to Sales Manager and owners through regular meetings
• Received recognition awards for team building and sales
• Represented company in training and promotional events

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.
I have great ideas and am able to think outside of the box.

Grand Canyon University
Masters, Education

Landmark Education

Personal, Business & Community Growth

Art Institute
Bachelors, Arts / Business

Undergraduate: Community Colleges, Lewis & Clark & Portland Statue University