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Chef Sunny
Ventura, CA 93003

In pursuing my true passion of working with food and people, I have graduated the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program with Honors from SBCC and returned to the Food & Beverage industry; in a desire... show more


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Work experience
Ventura Community Memorial Hospital
Cook I/ Corner Cook

Breakfast Lunch

Prepare breakfast and lunch for both the cafeteria and patients, including special dietary
needs, including celiac, renal, pediatric, diabetic and other specific dietary needs.

Simply Natural Living

Prepped and prepared 10 to 12 healthy, organic recipes daily and within different stages of
completion, using the company's organic and vegan distribution products to for filming Time
Lapse Video Production. Review daily recipes for preparation the next day to ensure all
ingredients were purchased and to work with the Production Team to schedule daily recipes
being prepped for filming and stages of filming. Over saw preparation of recipes by two prep
cooks on site.

Cafeteria Chef's Assistant

on behalf of
SBCC, awaiting receipt of their Bond, under the supervision of Chef Susan Do, as the Chef's
Assistant on behalf of the breakfast and lunch services and dinner prep. I would review the
specials for the day, supervise students in working with the standardized recipes to provide on-
time service, worked with students on their knife skills, break-down and portioning of proteins,
proper cooking temps, and cooking techniques utilizing commercial and cafeteria sized
equipment and the proper sanitation and cleaning of a commercial kitchen.

Chef Sunny Strait - Resume

Santa Barbara City College
The Pasta Shoppe
Shift Supervisor Server

At the request of the Owner, I accepted a position as a shift supervisor as a temporary part-
time position since she was needing additional help. I truly enjoyed working there and most all
the staff. My responsibilities included working with the Owner, Executive Chef and Manager for
the daily functions and supervision of front of the house openings closings, facilitating and
training on the POS system Breadcrumb for iPad. Assisted the Executive Chef and kitchen staff
with preparing fresh, handmade pasta for the menu dishes and for the display cases for sale.
Coordinate with both the Executive, Sous Pasta Chefs in creating daily specials and happy
hour menus items.

Chef Sunny Strait - Resume

Chef's Assistant

I had the pleasure of working for Chef Delia Lopez, who facilitates all purchasing and
receiving for the East Campus Restaurants, Eateries, Main Campus Cafeteria, and the Catering
Department. As the Instructor for the Culinary course of Purchasing Receiving, the education
and internship training received while working with Chef Delia is irreplaceable.
Chef Delia had me facilitate the purchasing, receipt of inventory, implement our FIFO of
inventory on behalf of our in-house stock, while I also handled all expedition on behalf of the
Culinary Department requisitions.

SBB Gourmet Catering - Temp Position July. 2014 Oct. 2014
In-House Cook

In-House preparing menus, prep and par-cooking of menu items for final preparation at
events. Overseeing the receiving of products and facilitating FIFO procedures. Supervised the
in-house kitchen staff in pre-production of menu items for on-site event service.

Ojai Valley School
Equestrian Riding Team Chef

As the Chef for the Ojai Valley School Equestrian Riding Team, I would prepare all menus,
facilitate the purchasing and receiving, prep and prepare meals for 20 - 50 students, their
families and our Riding Team Staff while traveling with the Ojai Valley School Equestrian Team
for their competitions. I became known for my marinated Tri tip dinners prepared on site.

grill cook · Prep cook

Command Performance Catering
Sous chef

Work with Chef/Founder Kirk Mimoli in managing back of the house operations.
Food prep for events back of the house and entertainment Chef services on-site.
Regular accounts were for the Chancellor of UCLA, the Ronald Reagan Library and Hartley
Botanica.for lunch and dinner service.
Fill-in for grill cook for lunch service.

Sisley's Italian Kitchen (Valencia), Fin's Seafood Restaurant (Westlake Village) and
Roxy's Famous Deli (Thousand Oaks)
Wait staff

Fin's Sisley's included weekly wine tasting, learning from wine distributors about the wines
being carried and daily tastings/pairings of dishes prior to service.

Chef's Assistant

I worked with Chef Roberto Lopez Carrillo, who is an amazing Catering Chef, and the Chef
Manager of SBCC's Catering Department. My duties included event prep for preparing meals,
appetizers and event setting coordination for outside catering and SBCC's Presidential events. I
assisted in overseeing students performing their duties on behalf of Chef Roberto, for their
required catering hours per semester on behalf of the Culinary Arts Program.

Riverside Community College

Santa Barbara City College
Associates, Culinary Arts ProgramScience