Steve Gregory

Experienced and seasoned cross-funtioning, multi-cultural team manager within the scopes of both manufacturing / production and Hospitality. Several years in both fields, directing, building and... show more

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Work experience
Lollicup USA
Quality Control Technician

Covenant Services
Owner / Operations Manager

Owner and Operator of cleaning, organizing, and staging services company, specializing in de-cluttering and organizing.
Staging services to prepare homes for re-sell.
Staging of new, model homes for sale.
"The Devil is in the Details."

QA Technician

Adecco Ontario CA
*Inspection and testing of electronic components.

Lead Service Attendant (Dining Services Manager)

Director of on board dining services for national railroad transportation company, managing dining services from Los Angeles to Louisiana and the Pacific Northwest.
Supervisor to wait staff, Chef, Chef's assistant and Train Attendants.
Order and account for all stock for long haul train trips; Los Angeles to Chicago, New Orleans and Seattle.
Account for all revenue and holder of all cash & credit receipts, up to $25,000.00 per trip. Solely responsible for deposits of revenue to Amtrak bank.

Amazon Fresh (AMZN)
Associate Trainer

Inventory control.
Quality assurance of food and staple products before shipment.
Pick/Pack utilizing bar code scanner. Exceeded required efficiency (rate) daily. Multiple award winner.
Problem solver.
Trainer to new Associates at newly opened facilities.
Safety Team member.

Compass Group / Bon Appetit

Food & beverage service to patrons in full service restaurant.
POS system operation.
Assist in banquets as needed.

Owner / Operator

Bosom Butlers Riverside/San Bernardino Counties
*Operator of small catering company serving parties up to 150 guests.
*Set up, serve and break down.
*Full table service.
*Wine and cocktail service.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders
Unit Leader

Managed cross functioning, multi-cultural teams for global leader in the manufacture of aluminum compressed gas cylinders with 450M in annual sales.
*Daily communication in safety awareness ensuring each Associate supplied with proper PPE.
*Assembled Safety Team utilizing Associates from each department and initiated safety audits. 100% follow through with corrective actions.
*Implemented "pass across" meetings for all shifts as a debriefing period for on-coming/off-going Operators, effectively reducing downtime during shift startups.
*GMP's enforcement.
*Regular performance reviews and effective feedback to each Associate so as to assist in meeting company expectations and employees' personal growth opportunities.
*Led monthly safety audits to recognize potential hazards and follow through with corrective actions.
*Termination of non-compliant employees in safety/company policies according to labor agreement with United Steelworkers Association. Highly unionized facility.
*Accuracy in recording and review of employees' hours and entry into Kronos system.
*$10K salary increase after one year in this role.
*Over 15 years at this location in various roles.

Arrowhead Industrial Services (@ Luxfer Gas Cylinders)
QA Supervisor/Certifying Inspector

Director of site operations and staff for third party regulatory compliance agency governed by the US Dept. of Transportation.
Validation and certification of each new design.

Nestle' Waters N.A
Quality Assurance Technician

Member of start-up team for newly built, flagship spring water bottling factory governed by the FDA. Global leader in water bottling with 13 brands produced nationwide.
*Water chemistry analysis; fluoride, pH, turbidity, sulfate, ozone residual.
*Communication/enforcement of GMP's, HACCP, PPE and hygiene standards to all incoming production and QA personnel.
*Personally implemented factory's Internal Control Plan (ICP) to schedule regular calibration of measuring devices and instruments. Corporate response was "The best we've seen yet."
*Trained in aseptic in-line sampling and microbiological testing and results review. (E-coli, pseudomonas bacteria, coliform)
*Trainer to production staff for proper hourly in-line quality checks from blow-mold, to filler to palletization.
*Receiving of raw materials from vendors. Rejection of non-compliant materials.
*Sanitization of filler lines, storage silos, flow diverters and filtration systems utilizing Clean In Place (CIP) system and Ecolab chemicals and titration method.
*Analysis and review of consumer complaints.
*Member of Targeted Team Selection process to interview potential new candidates.

Sun Lakes Country Club
Lead Server

Fine dining service to guests in private, upscale restaurant.
*Most requested/reserved Server. Strong clientele following.
*POS system usage.
Cocktail service.
Trainer in the art of fine dining service, including proper table set-up, service and wine etiquette.

Inspector/Lead Inspector

T.I./Arrowhead Industrial Services Riverside CA (@ Luxfer Gas Cylinders)
*Regulatory compliance inspection duties for US Dept. of Transportation-mandated agency. Host company Luxfer Gas Cylinders.
*Began as Inspector with Authorized Testing Inc. Promoted to Lead when Arrowhead Industrial Services assumed inspection operations.
*Daily scheduling of inspection staff and communication of safety, quality and production goals so as to support host company's customer demand.
*Heavy data/reports analysis. (metallurgical, hydro test, wall/base tolerance, cycle, ultrasound and destructive/non-destructive batch representatives)
*Generation of customer test reports. Heavy interaction with Luxfer's Customer Service Dept.
*Administrative assistant to Certifying Inspector.
*Highly unionized facility-labor agreement with United Steelworkers Association.
Strong leadership talent in both production and hospitality, always building cohesive teams.

I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.
I am able to adapt to new requirements, situations, or environments.
I pay careful attention to detail.
California Technical Academy
Certificate, MCSE

+ Security

University of Phoenix
Family Hospice Care