Sonya Muddeen
Copywriter, Proofreader, Editor
Houston, TX 77025

Writing is my passion! I write to earn a living and I write for pleasure. After spending more than 10 years in the communication, education and accounting industries, I have found that writing and... show more


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Work experience
Beacon Communications Services

Edit, rewrite, and proofread for a variety of business and professional clientele.
*Ensure accuracy of all documents by thoroughly reviewing and editing content and making necessary spelling, punctuation and grammatical changes.
*Target specific audiences for all rewrite copy contracts while verifying facts using standard reference sources.
*Collaborate with writers to ensure message delivery.

Beacon Communications Services
Associate Editor

Communication Company providing customized language services for the facilitation of effective communication at every levelProvides general editing services for BCS business and professional clients including editing, re-writing and proofreading services, per contract.
*Administer general editing services for BCS business and professional clients. Responsible for editing, rewriting and proofreading services as per contract requirements. Checking content and proofreading documents.
*Handled copy rewriting of the specific target audience and ensured error-free content w.r.t spelling, punctuation and grammar.
*Emphasized on fact verification by using standard reference sources.
*Assured delivery of message in collaboration with writers.

Cipriani College of Labour & Cooperative Studies
Center Supervisor

Monitored part-time classes and reported challenges to respective department heads on timely basis.
*Liaised regularly with lecturers to ascertain needs and requirements while providing assistance on identified issues.
*Managed semester start-up preparation, overseeing room allocation schedules and lecture selection based on recommendations from Heads of Department.
*Facilitated payment of part-time lecturers by collecting and verifying claim forms monthly.
*Provided personal attention to students, assisting with challenge resolution on varied issues, including provision of academic information and advice on academic matters.

Cipriani College of Labour & Cooperative Studies
Acting Head, Continuing Studies

Directed all full-time administrative support staff and part-time coordinators and support staff in ensuring facilitation of part-time classes.
*Administered completion of student evaluation forms every semester, providing tracking of stakeholder satisfaction.
*Oversaw completion of advertising for each 10 Saturday Introductory Programme cycle, ensuring stakeholders were informed of college offerings.

Kenexa Industries
Test Author (Part-time)

Wrote tests for prospective employees of various companies while reviewing tests written by other authors, checking accuracy of content and grammar.
*Authored tests on a wide array of topics, including auditing, corporate and personal income tax, internet security, Windows and Netscape server administration, corporate accounting skills, and payroll.

Kenexa Industries
Test Author

Division of IBM Company providing employment and retention solutionsPrepared and reviewed tests for accuracy and grammar taken by prospective employees of several companies, assigned on an "as needed" basis by Kenexa Industries (usually quarterly) and assigned and completed online.

Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad
Associate - Center for Training & Development

• Supported and developed professional development training programme by investigating industry and market trends used in career enhancing training workshops.
• Drove marketing and advertising of new and existing training programmes.
• Ensured consistent subscription to CTD training programmes by building and maintaining key client relationships.
• Organized and coordinated open enrollment and in-company training programmes, handling fully attended
classes and coordinating logistical training needs.

Associated Brands Industries Limited
Brand Manager

Worldwide snack, cereal, biscuit and chocolate manufacturerDeveloped campaign and promotional ideas to advance the Charles Chocolate brand, including in-store merchandising and displays relevant to new and existing products.
• Led campaign and promotional initiatives to advance Charles Chocolate brand, including in-store merchandising and displays of new and existing products.
• Managed local media coverage of Charles Candy brand sponsorships, contests, and giveaways.

Republic Bank Limited
Editor, Group Corporate Communications

• Led all writing initiatives for external media use, including writing press releases, speeches, advertorials, and other bank related text.
• Authored scripts for local television and radio broadcast production use.
• Provided speech writing for executive team, used at conferences and publicity events.
• Wrote articles for quarterly LINK Magazine, American Chamber of Commerce Magazine, Caribbean Association of Indigenous Bankers, and Latin Finance Magazine.
• Managed relationship with local and regional media at events hosted and sponsored by corporation.
• Assisted with budget preparation on departmental level for annual communication strategic plan.
• Increased media presence among local and regional banks by keeping corporate social responsibility top of mind.

Urban Wear Limited, Trinidad

Leading national ready-to-wear clothing storesSourced computer hardware and software, installation and training of staff at head office and in branch on use of the Point-of-Sales system.
*Managed monthly audits on store stocks and warehouse

Trinidad Express Newspapers Limited

• Fostered increase in readership by popularizing numerous columns, including authoring weekly columns on music and current trends for Sunday Express and weekly column for Junior Express.
• Reported news and feature stories for daily and Sunday papers as well as Daily and Sunday Express.
• Edited and assisted in design and layout of Junior Express, TV Guide, and Saturday Express.
• Proofread copy for Daily, Junior, and Sunday Express.

Associated Brands Industries Limited, Trinidad, West Indies
Brand Manager

Worldwide snack, cereal, biscuit and chocolate manufacturerManaged in-store merchandising and displays relevant to new and existing products. Maintained brand consistency across all media, promotions, contests and retail sites.
*Advocated campaigning and promotional ideas for the advancement of the Charles Candy brand.
*Managed effectiveness of sponsorships, contests and giveaways in line with brand promotion.
*Contributed significantly to strengthen the high-value sponsorships by Charles Candy brand.

Republic Bank Limited, Trinidad

Leading national saving and investment bankResponsible for all internal and external publicity of the bank via the writing and distribution of press releases, speeches, advertorials and other bank-related text for publication in external media, as well as script writing and coordination of material for in-house use.
*Wrote, edited and compiled all articles for use in bank's quarterly LINK Magazine
*Wrote press releases and advertorials for distribution to local and regional media ensuring Bank was at the top of the publicity market 90% of the time
*Drafted scripts for productions aired on local television and radio broadcasts
*Wrote keynote speeches for all bank executives for use at conferences and publicity events
*Contributed articles to external publications including American Chamber of Commerce Magazine, the Caribbean Association of Indigenous Bankers and Latin Finance Magazine
*Collaborated with writers to ensure submissions were on time and on topic

Trinidad Express Newspapers Ltd
Centre Supervisor

Leading national newspaper with circulation of over 75,000
Wrote daily news and features stories for the Daily Express and the Sunday Express and contributed to circulation increase
Cipriani College of Labour Cooperative Studies, Trinidad, West Indies (multiple roles)
Tertiary/community college offering full- and part-time courses
Acting Head, Continuing Studies
Supervised all part-time coordinators, support staff as well as full-time administrative support staff of the Continuing Studies Department at all College Campuses. Created awareness of College offerings among prospective clients.
*Managed 10 Saturday Introductory Program along with advertising of each cycle.
*Proofed and edited ads for all College offerings for print, radio and website use
*Played a key role in preparing and publishing departmental status reports including 5-year strategic plan and annual report for accreditation purposesAccountable for prompt challenge reporting to departmental heads. Supervised scheduling follow-up of part-time classes.
*Wrote and presented monthly reports on center challenges, solutions, student attendance and enrolment statistics
*Strategized semester startup preparation including room allocation schedules lecturer selection in accordance with the advice of Heads of Department.
*Provided assistance in resolving challenges in academic provision and related matters.
*Acclaimed for initiatives on results-oriented programs in local media and on campus.

Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad

Centre for tertiary teaching and researchResponsible for research work, development and evolution of relevant, career-enhancing, professional development training workshops. Ensured fully subscribed programs and proper placement of all logistical arrangements.
*Wrote developed executive education programs to meet quarterly targets
*Wrote, proofed edited all advertising copy for executive education programs and conference offerings
*Credited for client relationship management and consistent subscription to training programs.
*Gained a significant reputation for a 90% success rate in fully subscribed programs as well as for at least 95% satisfaction rating in content and customer service.
*Praised for program development and creating market opportunities of over $1M, i.e. more than the budgeted target of the concerned department during 3 working years.

I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.
Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Masters, Corporate Communications, Advertising and Public Relations

Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Masters, Corporate Communications
Omardeen's School of Accountancy, Port of Spain
Bachelors, ACCA
Broward Community College
Associates, Mass Communication
Provo City Food Bank

Trinidad & Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals