Sheila Walker
Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound and snatch bullets from the air with my teeth!

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Work experience
Healthcare Customer Service Representative

Enrollment of healthcare benefits
Password Reset and Access
Human Resources Assistance and Website Home Page Navigation and Guidance

Advisor Consultant & Owner

Quality Assurance and Quality Control of documents including Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics and associated documents to ensure protocol of company's Quality Program for Compliance and Certification.
Infrastructure planning and documentation of the Repair and Maintenance Manual for the Digi-Bird E1 and E2 Series.
Offer logical best safety practices to ensure consistent quality repair according to EPA/OSHA/ISO Compliance.
System Maintenance and Research/Retrieval of documentation.
Trouble-Shooter and Problem-Solver for Quality Assurance and Quality Control Repair and Training Processes.
Answer/correct/modify/update documentation questions as required according to Standards regarding infrastructure and document control labeling.
Identify/Consult/Suggest/ Implement methodologies with processes for improvements with the Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the Repair Maintenance Department for 100% increase in overall productivity.
Provide projected completion dates to the Senior Technician, Vice President, Senior Vice Presidents, and President for client approval and product delivery.
Quality Assurance Quality Control Manual
Creating, updating, and editing internal/external processes

Denise Designs Distinctively
Owner Fashion Designer & $eamstress

NYSEG and RGE Utility Companies

Next Tech, Inc.
Advisor & Consultant
Millennium Learning Tutorial Services
Owner/Master Tutor

Millennium Learning Tutorial Services is a privately owned academic service geared towards reading comprehension, mathematics, and science, in addition to Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Essay Writing, SAT, ACT, THEA, Compass, TAAS, TAKS, STAAR, Iowa, Stanford, and all standardized testing.

Pinnacle Financial Strategies

Editing and writing summaries for financial institutions

American Rising Stars, Inc. and MLTS
Program Director/Master Tutor

Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Essay Writing

Resource Staffing for TransCore
Document Image Reviewer

Image review of vehicle license plates for Harris County Toll Road Authority for violation billing.

Catapult Learning
Flex- Teacher

Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Preparation for the STAAR Exam

Senior Technical Writer

Job Responsibilities included information capture of tools being manufactured and repaired from tear down to build up, quality assured and quality tested mechanically, electrically, and electronically.
Pre and post testing of reliability step by step verification against the document by the technician and engineer.
Writing, revising, updating, and posting documents, procedures, and manuals to SharePoint and CWI-Enovia in Word format.
GeoTap IDS, Solar 175 SBM, DM, GM, TM, EWR, DGR, HCIM
DDSR, BAT Sonic, Lithium Batteries, MPT Negative Pulser, Maintenance Schedules
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Expertise
API and ISO Experience/Certification
BOM Experience/Update/Modification
Infrastructure Development and Implementation of Processes
PTS - Project Tracking System
CPI/RTA Tracking System-RTA Global Evaluator
DTS-Document Tracking System
Author-It Software (eManual)
Visio, Adobe FrameMaker, and Photoshop
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
SharePoint Server
CWI-Enovia Database and SAP Database
Electronic Circuit Schematic Experience and
Electrical and Mechanical Experience
Electronic, Electrical, and Mechanical Internet Research
Creative IDEA #1821 for the Lithium Battery
6 Creative IDEAS submitted for 2012 – (250K-1M)
MRP Suggestion for consolidation of databases –ERP Global Database

Information Development, Inc.
Repair & Maintenance Technical Writer

GeoTap IDS, Solar 175 SBM, DM, GM, TM, EWR, DGR, HCIM
DDSR, BAT Sonic, Lithium Batteries and MPT Negative Pulser Updates.
Maintenance Schedules.

All-N-One Personnel for TransCore
Document Reviewer

Image review of vehicle license plates for Harris County Toll Road Authority for violation billing.

Resource Staffing for Input/Output - ION
QA/QC Document Coordinator & Technical Writer

Technical Writing of Quality Procedures, Work Instructions and Quality Forms.
Monthly Operations Review Report for Land Imaging Seismic Division - LISD.
Initiating and closure of Corrective Action Request (CARs) according to ISO compliance.
Calculations and Posting of Quality Metrics and Supplier Performance Quarterly Reports.

NewLaw, Inc
E-Discovery Technician

Infrastructure of Legal Cases including Analysis of Documentation, Logical Document Determination, Coding Quality Control, Training and User-Manual Preparation, File Conversions and Transfers, Scanning, and OCR.
Software: IPro–Vcode, Scan Gear 1.6, Summation Gold, Abby Fine Reader 7.0, Concordance, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, E-Discovery and Magic File Reader.

LIT Group, Inc.
Legal Document Coder

Revised coding manuals with Quick Reference Coding Sheets for 3rd shift production improvements, trained coding staff, performed quality control reviews/edits, determined logical document units in unformatted streams of document images, used utility software to perform global clean-up of data format problems.
Software: Summation, Concordance, and Access.

Virtual Intelligence Providers
Electrical Quality Manager & Technical Writer

System Analysis, End-User manuals, and technical documentation of the Master Control Station (CAMTROL) for Offshore Drilling Equipment.
(Cooper Cameron and Control Dynamics International Project)
Design of Operational Maintenance Manual, sales and marketing brochure.
Product Line & Project Manufacturing Maintenance Book Record (MRB) per contract requirements, Standards (API, ASME, ASTM, ABS, DNV) including comprehension of Quality, Inspection, and Test Plan according to detailed MRB protocol and requirements.
Quality Assurance and Control of Bill of Material, Material Test Certificates, Weld Data Records, Non-Destructive Test Records, and Factory Acceptance Test Reports according to Regulatory Compliance Standards with Sales Contract (API, ASME, ASTM, ABS, DNV).
Scan and Capture MRB documentation abnormalities to decrease overall losses within the company by providing quarterly statistics of periodic trends of abnormalities in order to facilitate continuous company improvement.
Capacity planning and Supplier documentation instruction for Manufacturing knowledge and comprehension.
Offer logical best safety practices to ensure consistent drive for standardization on all product lines.
MRP System Maintenance and Research/Retrieval of documentation.
Trouble-Shooter and Problem-Solver for Quality Assurance to Industry and Regulatory Compliance Standard Requirements.
Answer/correct/modify/update MRBs as required according to Standards.
Identify/Suggest improvements to MRB documentation process.
Consult/Implement methodologies with processes for improvements with Quality and Manufacturing departments for 100% increase in overall productivity.
Provide projected completion dates per contract, including third party review to the appropriate personnel for client approval.
Databook Infrastructure Review to adhere to on time product delivery.

Remedy Intelligent Staffing for Equiva LLC - Shell Oil & Gas
Project Manager & IT Support Engineer

Analysis and infrastructure of document flow and retrieval.
Database Management/Programming/Integration of Software application
(Excel to ARIS).
Restructure of Accounts Payable File System, Bank Statements and Bank Reconciliation's Texaco and Pennzoil Merger.

National Oilwell - Varco
R&D, Test, QA/QC Engineer & Technical Writer

Electronic schematic update from ECN and ECO after reliability testing.
(Circuit board, assembly and system production).
Edit and modification of schematics using AutoCAD LT 98 and LT 2000i.
Research and procurement of parts for new jobs according to criteria, specifications and availability.
Design of electrical drawings and mechanical layout of old/new products.
Creation of manufacturing procedures for old/ new products (electronic, electrical and mechanical).
Assembly and testing of mechanical parts.
Creation and modification of Bill of Material according to product, series and/or revision level change, distribution to production and testing departments for implementation.
Scheduling of production and testing for job orders (circuit boards, assemblies, and systems)
Creation of test procedures for assembly and testing of circuit boards, assemblies and systems.
Creation and implementation of loss prevention processes.
Cost Analysis, forecasting, and tracking of parts using MRP and Visibility software application.
Testing, modification and repairing circuit boards to component level and upgrades.
Programming Integrated Circuits with software application (DEBUG) for Generator, SCR Modules, and Digital Exciter.
Updating technical publications and manuals on product line for customers.
Maintenance of R&D system server for on-line assistance and repair work for field engineers consisting of electronic schematics, mechanical drawings, electrical wiring diagrams, and test procedures.
Calibration Recall-calibration of production and testing equipment according to ISO compliance and certification (digital multimeter, oscilloscope, caliper, hand crimper, soldering iron, and specialty equipment.
Quality Control of circuit board components and schematic, silkscreen, board layout and reference designators for production assembly
(SMT and thru-hole components).
Material testing and visual inspection of bus and Plexiglas by specification and drawing sheets in accordance to ISO.
Computer Setup (Hardware and Software) Microsoft Office, DEBUG, C++, ARIS, MATLAB, Adobe FrameMaker, and various software applications.
Accomplishments Include Completed Projects
C13H000 (Foot Throttle)
M10H0000 – M10H0004 (E-Noise Limiter)
L06H0000 (Distortion Module)
J18H0000 Signal Generator for the (Digital Exciter)

Goldston Engineering
Engineering Administrator

Updating engineering drawings, and verification of data.
Microsoft Office format for brochures, proposals, and all documentation.
Bank deposits, payroll, and management of office to the president and vice president.

Big A-Automotive
HR & IT Support Engineer

Scanning and storing application benefit forms, social security cards and driver's licenses to the database.
Providing information to employees on benefits, holidays, bonuses, preparing retirement packets and termination packets upon closure of company and/or employees.
Constant updates with current labor laws, and company's status.
Verification of work history for home buyers, reference verification, and background checks, assistance in payroll and deductions for miscellaneous expenditures.
Debugging of Excel software application, hardware and software troubleshooter.

PDS Technical
Project Manager & Technical Writer

Updating structural drawings using Archibus software, creating screen formats of data sheets for engineers to complete maintenance schedules.
Writing technical manuals for stationary engineers to comprehend in an emergency situation for ISO compliance to shut-down equipment.
Scanning and reformatting documents, other various duties.

Smith Drilling & Completions
Electronic Technician

Down-Hole Tool Drilling Assembly, repair and training of the Automatic Torque Control System (ATCS Unit),
Calibration of the Line Load Cell for the ATCS Unit.
Building and repairing A/C cabling, Harnesses, and Detonator Builder.
Creation and updates of test procedures regarding down-hole tool equipment.
Inventory of parts and equipment for audits, repairs, and BOM updates.

I am skilled in finding solutions to difficult issues.
Texas Southern University
Bachelors, Electronics Engineering Technology

Microcomputer Technology Institute
Associates, Electronics/Computer Networks

Halliburton Volunteer Council
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren-Aldine District
Financial Contributor
Rise in Faith
Animal Advocate
Sheila Denise Walker-Alexander

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Gumbo Cook-Off – Most Soulful Winner 2009
MVP 2011 Employee
Halliburton and Millennium Learning Tutorial Service Pilot Program 2010
Calvary Lutheran Church Tutorial Program 1997-2003