Sharon wheeler
Special Education Teacher/ENL Teacher
Center Moriches, NY 11934

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Work experience
Educational Strategist

Provide professional development in co-teaching, differentiated instruction, teaching ELL students through co-
teaching and differentiation, disability-specific strategies, paraprofessional training, inclusive practices and
community building.
Conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA's) and developed Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP's).
Provide coaching services supporting teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals through
Offer new strategies and ideas, as well as expanded and deepened current skills and practices in meeting the
needs of all learners.

New Language Teacher

Followed the targets of measurement to provide effective lesson plans for English Language Learners in
Kindergarten, 3rd, 7th and 9th grades.
Successfully facilitated an environment for learning and support, creating, modifying and supporting lessons so
that students had full access to the curriculum.
Provided background, BICS and CALPS strategies to assist students in all their classroom environments.
Co-taught integrated ENL/English/Global History in 7th and 9th grade classrooms.
Conducted small group lessons and individual classroom activities based on differentiated learning needs.

Direct Support Professional

Guide a high school student diagnosed with Autism through everyday life challenges and growth opportunities.
Facilitate and lead student through situations that improve self-determination skills, such as making decisions,
finding friends, and working and volunteering in the community.
Foster strong working relationship with student that leads to increased trust and respect, which results in
improved communication.

Summer School Teacher

Conceptualized, developed, and presented effective lesson plans for students with disabilities going into the 8th,
9th, and 10th grades.
Customized lesson assignments and one-on-one instruction for each student to ensure optimal understanding.
Successfully facilitated a productive, collaborative learning environment that created a motivating educational
experience for each student.
Communicated and collaborated with students' parents and IEP team members to ensure consistent
approach to education across the board, and to make sure all parties were aware and understanding of
individual situations.

Consulting that Makes a Difference
Education Consultant
Permanent Substitute Teacher

Grades 9-12 (2014 2015)

Substitute Teacher

Grades K-12 (2011 2012)

Expertly presented lesson plans in a variety of core subjects to students in grades 9-12 by quickly establishing
a positive rapport with students and adhering to school standards and teachers' guidelines and expectations
Developed and implemented proactive classroom management techniques to ensure a positive, productive
learning environment.
Spearheaded one-on-one tutoring for homebound students in math, English, and science, as well as two ENL
students in language arts.
Served as a valuable resource to students regarding study habits and subject matter, and continued to guide
students regarding school work outside of the typical classroom setting.
Openly communicated with teachers regarding student progress and disciplinary transgressions, establishing
a foundation of trust with a variety of teachers.
Recognized for exceptional work particularly with special education classes, and asked by senior management
to become permanent special education substitute at the high school.

1:1 Aide Grade 2 3 Student Diagnosed with Autism (2012 2014)
1:1 Aide Grade 3 Student Diagnosed with ADHD Autism (2011)
Widely recognized for expertise in guiding students with autism and ADHD, and asked by various members of
senior administration to become a 1:1 aide for students in school.
Successfully led students to make notable progress toward reading comprehension, math, and speech IEP
Conceptualized and employed diverse strategies to allow the students to show comprehension of the core
curriculum in a personalized manner.
Collaborated with the special education teacher to modify and implement the core curriculum in language arts,
reading, writing, math, and social interactions with peers and adults, for a more effective learning approach for
individual students. Also collaborated with students' parents and IEP team members to ensure consistent
approach to education across the board.
Assisted students in differentiating instruction during small group and whole group lessons in all academic and
social areas.
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Teacher's Aide Grades 2 3 Inclusion (2004 2011)
Expertly facilitated a positive, comfortable learning environment for a variety of students by implementing and
managing classroom behavior plans, particularly for those students with mild to severe disabilities.
Created and executed lessons for small groups in spelling and vocabulary, demonstrating expertise in teaching
and presenting complex information in a simple, concise way.
Heavily contributed to efficient classroom operations by assisting teacher with testing, grading, and record
Accurately and thoroughly recorded academic and social progress by completing task analysis for several
different students.
Previous positions include Teller/Customer Service Representative at North Fork Bank (now Capital One Bank).

Dowling College
Masters, General Special Education
Certifications & licenses
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
New York

Special Education B-6
New York
  • Co-teaching and differentiation