Scott Foret

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Work experience
SMW Engineering Group, LLC
Louisiana State Construction Manager

Birmingham Ala. - Remote

Designed work prints for the placement and managed the construction and turn up of
25 40 KW emergency backup generators for AT's remote Telecommunication sites.
Designed and managed the construction of specialized elevated metal platforms for
communication equipment and generators for AT
Designed and managed the construction and deployment of AT Uverse throughout
Southern La. managing the turn up of over 60 sites per month trough communication
and management of sub-contract companies and vendors.
Worked as sales representative and communication of all customer relation with AT,
Executing and delivering client based request.
Obtained building permits.
Designed FTTC (fiber to the cell site) and FTTN (fiber to the node) jobs in a geographical
area for specific clients which includes, but not limited to, AT/Verizon.
Ensured objectives are met within a timely manner and jobs are designed within budget
Provided field engineering drawings of existing AT Cell Sites.
Extended support/assistance to peers in completing job assignments.
Specialized in fiber network design.
Completed projects on time and on budget working from a home-based office
equipped with high-speed internet, a business landline, and cutting-edge computer

KGP Logistics Inc
Project /Program Manager II
Sr. Project Manager

over all engineering construction during the rebuilding of AT
communication facilities immediately after Hurricane Katrina in Metro New Orleans.
Sr. Manager over Const. Design of AT UVERSE deployment in all of South LouisianaChief estimator, overseeing proper site design and construction turn-up of all UVERSE
electronic facilities.
Placement turn-up of backup generators to support existing AT RT site.
Representative for working together with AT engineering managers on a daily basis
for up to date progress on time delivery of the new UVERSE service in Louisiana.
Engineer for implementation of new strategy for problem solving along the Gulf Coast
Flood prone areas for existing new remote Telecommunication site construction.
Facilitator for directing complex projects from concept to full operational status.
Reporter of progress milestones directly to senior AT officials on a daily basis.
Negotiator of service level agreements with prospective contractors.
Chief estimator for all bid proposals.
Supervisor to contract Project Managers and support staff, determined workloads,
schedules and assignments.
Estimator for operational budget and procurement plans with senior management.
Planner for long and short-term planning goals and process implementation.
Catalyst for management of annual revenues of 7 million dollar
Promoter for communication motivation of personnel in multilateral achievements of
work objectives.

Telecommunication Engineer/Manager

North Star Comm.
New Orleans,
Inspected roof top Cell sites to check note damage to Equipment reported back to
headquarters in down town New Orleans, Baton Rouge La.
Engineered managed the Telecommunications rebuild of the AT Greater New
Orleans area immediately following Hurricane Katrina.
Met with Senior AT officials on a daily basis.
Responsible for all meetings with FEMA Telecommunication design for emergency
trailer Parks in greater New Orleans.
Met with Government Officials and Contractors to design build new services to feed
the Emergency Trailer Parks.
Spearheaded the launch of remote Sites from inception through completion.

Crescent Construction Co
Administrator / Project Manager

Metairie, La.

Manager for Managing Master Contract with AT, Entergy, Cox Communications,
Entergy, Independent Telecoms. Companies in South Louisiana.
Chief Estimator for all bid proposals.
Manager for all invoicing records in accordance with the guidelines of the master
contract with AT
Curator of forecasting revenues, planning for upcoming projects workload.
Overseer to evaluate new crew production with relation to revenues.
Head coordinator for all permit related activities through local, State, Federal
Manager for revenues up to $12 Million Dollars in Construction invoicing. Tracked
construction cost with relation to company overhead profit margins.

Sr. Manager
SMW Engineering Group Inc.
Louisiana State Construction Manager
University of PhoenixCentral Lafourche High School
High School, Accounting