Sarah Dunn

I am outgoing , Artistic , a multitasker, work fast passed and enjoy helping others! I love learning so anything new to learn is exciting to me.I pick up on things very quickly which makes it easy... show more

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Her strength & perseverance! She seems like a young woman who will never give up! God Bless you sweetie. Good things will come your way!

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Sarah is an incredibly strong and intelligent woman and any company would be fortunate to have her!

is a fellow Jobcaser with Sarah

Strong, smart, and resilient with a keen sense of right and wrong

is a fellow Jobcaser with Sarah

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Work experience

Front counter/drive through cashier, steemer , cold line prep and stock, drive through and lobby line steemer/prep/expiditer, I also train new employees that come in,as well as frier.

Circle k
Lead cashier

Ran cash register, lotto and ciggarette count, stocked coolers, stocked polar pop machine, changed rotisary food, tended to customer needs, cleaned store inside and outside.Ive also done double shifts and filled in for others! Unload truck. Stock shelves and trained new employees.

Bakery assistant

I took over the phone and in person cake orders, rotissary chicken; and wraped & dated them, baked cookies and donuts; glazzed donuts, baked bread, made subs , salads and wraps, stocked bakery floor in store.used a kiosk as well as a labler.cleaned rotissary oven, washed dishes , sweapt and mopped floor as well as changing out trash.

Dunkin Donuts

My shift started at 3pm. I was a cashier (front counter drive
through)food prep,coffee and drink maker,donut decorater,
stock,inventory,cooler and freezer Temp checks,cleaned lobby and
bathrooms,washed dishes ,shut down ovens,cash drop,closed store.
My shift ended at 11pm.

Ponderosa Steak House
Prep cook

I prepared the breaded chicken,made deserts,decorated
deserts,displayed deserts,made salads,pasta sides,chopped
onions,peppers, tomatoes,peeled and chopped carrots,peeled
patatoes,made pizzas,cleaned prep station.I loved this job but it was a seasonal job.

Dollar General

Dollar general I ran cash register,stocked shelves,cooler temps,frate,unload truck,at
times I would open the store and at times I would close the store or pull double shifts.I also cleaned the store:washing windows ,sweeping and
mopping floors,tidy up register as well as wipe it down with sanitizer

Trestle Pool lodge and Caffee

table busser,host,and cabin

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am exact and make sure my work is mistake-free.
I am strongly driven to succeed.

  • Cashier and customer service
  • Artistic and outgoing