Ricky Thorpe
Wilmington, NC 28412
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Work experience
Simpy Noelle
Samples Coordinator

My job is to ship samples to different shows, for new clients to view try on and to see if they want to order from our company. Once the shows have ended the are returned I entered back into the system, the order comes in and we pull the items they saw on display and ship to their company.

Food Lion
Overnight Stocker

Overnight stocker, unloading the truck and putting Grocery on the shelves

Strategy Behavior Center
Residential Coordinator

Supervise 26 Employees Monitor 110 residents for safety and rule compliance
Handle with Care instructor

S and G Priestress

Tie steel, pour concrete to build bridges for the state and other agencies

Navassa Police Department
Police Chief

Ran all day to day operations for the Police Department, wrote policy and procedures for the department and scheduled classes for the overall department, attends all meeting for the department and schedule safety meetings for the public.

Bolton Police Dept
Chief Of Police

chief of police. Oversee all aspects of the police department operations. Scheduling classes and evaluating all officers on their performance, and how well they deal with the public. I also attend meetings with different agencies when the chief is out of town and speak to the public about safety issues in the neighborhood.

Navassa police department

Assistant to the chief of police. Made out all the staffs work and school scheduling, all human resources duties from correcting time cards to settings up vacation. All so patrol the community.

Crabtree police department
I am strongly driven to succeed.
I am enthusiastic, positive, and eager to do great work.
Shaw University
Bachelors, Criminal Justice

Louisburg High School
Graduate Certificate, General Studies
  • Great Leadership Skills, Always grinding it out.
  • I always believe in surrounding myself with great people.
  • I am always loyal to the man or woman whom feeds me and my family.
Ransom Headstart
Put on events for the daycare childrend

My police Department put on events for the kids, fun day each year.

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