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Hard working honest and always on time

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Richard has every positive I would want in my employee...skill,diversity and work ethic.Too bad he doesnt live here in Dallas!

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Work experience
Gary roofing contractor
Shingle and metal roof installation

Gary roofing contractor

People Ready

Roofing ,residential and industrial painting, landscaping ,skidsteer , forklift and backhoe operator , cement masonry , culinary arts degree ,janitorial degree , construction in various areas

Bear mountain forest bi products
Skid steer operator , clean up maintenance

Drive skidsteer and dump waste upon cleanup and dumb waste in waste bin

People Ready

Paint apartment complex in Lebanon oregon i have over 30 yrs experience was taught to paint as a kid i am a choker setter skidsteer operator cement mason backhoe operator certified janitor waxing floors lighting and floor buffing and some plumbing . Rv repairman furnaces electrical issues gas lines waterpumps and power converters fuses and finding unknown issues in electrical systems and have a culinary arts degree but no food handlers card

Variour places
Choker setter / tree trimmer

Started this sence i was 8 yrs old started with my dad logging and me setting chokers to drag logs out . Recently been tree trimming for many many years hedges arborvidae fruit trees and nut trees

Cook all aspects culinary arts degree

Went to job corps in 1996 completed have a degree but no restraunt experience sence then except a pizza place

Family business

Been mowing lawns pulling weeds sence i was 9 yrs old was raised dont work dknt eat and dont get things i want if I dont work that was my child hood

Construction with other family members who worked for legit companies i waa paid and given lessons alao had some exibition schooling on masonry its been a family living sence my grandpa was lead contractor for corps of engineers
Siding installation roofer most construction skills framing window installation form preperations and tear down finisher

Grandpa has been dead for 7 yrs now but still have active relatives who do construction and have been supervisors me i am no leader i like to be responsible only for myself

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am truthful and believable.
I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.

Columbia basin job corps center
Culinary completion certificate
Staffing and freelance

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