Reiko Alston

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Work experience
Fundamental Administrative Services, LLC
Payroll Specialist

Coordinate Payroll by providing resource services to Fundamental, LLC. Continuously process
over 1,000 payroll actions annually.
Reconcile and confirm the accuracy of payroll data.
Review, analyze, check and correct payroll records
Process and issue salary through manual payroll checks, banking and direct deposits.
Respond to payroll processing inquiries.
Assists in planning, developing, organizing, implementing and evaluating HR functions and
activities of the facility.
Maintains personnel files in compliance with company standards and applicable state and
federal guidelines.
Assists department heads with staffing needs to include direct mail, hosting/attending job
fairs, developing/placing employment advertisements and networking within local
employment resources and the local employment community.
Promotes the implementation of facility-sponsored recruitment and retention programs;
assists department heads in the development and implementation of programs designed to
improve staff recruitment and retention.
Assists with orientation of new staff to facility and explains personnel policies and
procedures, payroll procedures, regulations, etc.

Over 5 years of on the job training (OJT) experience as HR/Payroll Coordinator in a long
term care environment.
Learn how to tactfully work with all types of personnel especially in a high paced
environment and reacting to emergency situations appropriately.
OJT on administrative practices and procedures as well as laws, regulations and guidelines
pertaining to employment, wage and hour, labor relations, etc.
Over 5 years of OJT experience working with both KRONOS and Peoplesoft payroll

Walbrook Senior High School
High School