Eva Regina Whittington
Smithdale, MS 39664

I have been in finance since I was 14. I ended my career in finance in 2014. I want something more personal and fulfilling. I'm a Very hard worker. Am willing to learn and adapt. Very dependable... show more

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Because she doesn't hiding the necessary information about her self.

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She is trying so hard to get a job and help her husband.

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Work experience
Doris Berry's farmers market
Customer service/salesperson/stocker

Inspect produce. Help setup stand. Clean and make sure Everything is beautiful and fresh. Assist customers with any and everything possible. (We absolutely cater to our customers!) Run cash register and scales. Assist customers to car with Packages if necessary. Be able to tell customers recipes or how to prepare produce or other products.
I deal with farmers and wholesalers directly. Promote business! Customer service!!!!! Make sure shelves are full and clean. Preserve vegetables. But most importantly sell all the produce and products possible!!! Be extremely nice and courteous to the customers. And make SURE they enjoy their experience there.

United credit

Customer service answered phones took payments worked all 30,60,90,120 past due accounts. Worked bankrupt and p&l accounts. Chased. Skip trace. Handled all legal accounts. Filed all garnishments and liens. Went to court weekly. Took applications and processed them. Verified employment. Pulled credit bureaus And figured debt/income ratio. Sold car club and insurance. Closed loans. Responsible for daily and monthly reports and contracts. Make daily bank deposits. Cleaned office . Handled all insurance claims. A&H property life and all death claims. Sold car club. Verified employment. Filed suit.

1st heritage credit

Answering phones. Taking payments. Calling ALL past due accounts. Mail out notices . Handle all legal accounts file suits. File garnishments and liens. Chasing. Skip tracing. Soliciting renewals and some cold calling. Took applications processed applications pulled credit bureaus and verified employment. Responsible for daily balances and deposits for the day. Run and complete daily reports. Manage month end reports and contracts .Pay all bills. Clean office. Make sure everything is documented Daily. Sell car club and insurance. Filed insurance claims. A&H property and death claims.

Country credit

This was a brand NEW business. A finance company. I done ABSOLUTELY everything. Started out with one girl and she knew nothing about the business. So it's easy to say I done everything from painting cleanng and taking the garbage out to registering with the state making and approving loans. Getting registered with the insurance companies. And credit bureaus. Promoting new business. Daily reports and monthly reports. Month end reports due to cpa. Basically ur home office. Figure state taxes and pay them. Hire new employees. Pay employees. Got employees bcbs medical And dental insurance. Trained employees. Chased. Skip tracing. Dealt with a lot of attorneys. Even signed on line of credit. There's not ANY thing that I didn't do. Even worked in the yard. Handled insurance claims and death claims. Handled bankrupt accounts. Everything from CSr to management

1st heritage credit

Answering phones works all past due accounts . Take payments take apps. Process apps. Figure debt/income ratio . Soliciting. Closing loans. Sell car club and insurance. File all insurance claims. A&H property life and death claims. Responsible for running and completing daily reports . Get deposits ready for manger. Soliciting dealers. Responsible for all monthly reports and contracts. Pay all bills. Build a lasting relationship with the customers. Chasing. Skip tracing Handled All legal accounts including garnishments and liens. Went to court. Filed suits and documented judgements. Filing. Putting folders together. Clean office. Responsible for holding customers checks until approved date. Mailing receipts. Work paid out accounts.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.
I put my best effort into everything I do.

Co lin
High School, Veterinarian

Labs. Zoology. Cheerleading. Accounting

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Account Manager
  • Sales
  • Cash Register
  • Credit Card/ Cash transactions
  • Receiving
  • Soliciting
  • Administrative skills
  • Executive skills
Clean kennels
More information

I really enjoy working with the elderly. I'm very patient and understanding. I love selling produce with my family but it is SO far. I'm willing to do what it takes to do any job. No matter how small. I will do it. I have a deep background in finance and a lifetime of knowledge about produce and business. I am willing to learn and adapt to whatever is put in front of me. I'm a team player for sure and always like to help others if I can. I'm very dependable and will be there for you.