Rashawna Griffin
Radio Electronics Technician
Norfolk, VA 23324

Currently Deployed with the Military Sealift Command; is actively looking to transition to a land based career.


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Work experience
U.S. Department of Defense
Second Radio Electronics Technician

7 days / 56 hrs per wk

Making Best Qualified as a Second Radio Electronics Technician (RET2) was an achievement and is also apart
of the Communications Department. Serving as a RET2 consisted of transferring information using state- of- the-
art technology via tactical or satellites on a global spectrum. All operations are routinely performed within a
vessel housing specialized specific circuits and protocols. A vital aspect of being a RET2 is complying with
COMSEC (Communications Security) and Cryptographical Equipment. An integral part was learning to operate,
monitor and control information systems of the worldwide telecommunications network. Whenever an issue
arises with the technology equipment I was responsible for troubleshooting, maintaining the maintenance, and
repairing particular programs. The United States Naval Intelligence Systems including pieces of equipment were
used for detection, tracking recognition and identification. These systems are to be kept fully operational
including the Fleet Broadcast Satellite Communication channels for classified message trafficking deliverance
and relevance of tactical information via messaging and voice. I was also capable of using diagnostic programs
SIPRNET/ NIPRNET (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network)/ (Non-Classified Protocol Router Network).
Microsoft Word is used for maintaining the supervisors' log, Microsoft Excel was used for maintaining the
outgoing log, Microsoft Outlook is used to visually see all of the incoming and out going message traffic to and
from the ship. Microsoft Outlook is a vital program used specifically on the SIPRNET/ NIPRNET as well.

U.S Department of Defense
Junior Deputy Disbursing Officer Trainee

I was able to provide administrative support to the Civil
Mariners (CIVMAR), Ship Personnel and the Master on financial and personnel matters providing administrative
support. Daily, I provide critical material and procurement support while using technical logistics and strategic
management knowledge to continuously improve logistics outcomes. This service requires the knowledge and
ability to capture and communicate key financial data as part of creating auditable accountability in government
fund management. I am entrusted to exemplify ethical, practical leadership in all levels of financial oversight and
reporting as delineated by MSC guidelines and systems utilization. I assisted with the issuance of U.S. treasury
checks and oversaw the distribution, disposition, procurement, cancellation, and disbursement of foreign funds.
Using what I've been taught has molded me to prepare my personal related financial reports/returns, creating and
reviewing a variety of financial reports, including Trial balances, balance, and Cash Flow statements, expense
reports, income statements, as well as for detailing journal ledgers, checks/deposits, etc. As a Purser trainee, I
can interpret and apply rules, regulations, standard operating procedures on fiscal, personnel, travel, and/or
general administration. Recently, I assisted CIVMARS in assisting in direct deposits, allotments, federal state
tax withholding, mailing addresses changes, and account setup/access. During the 2018 Federal Employee
Benefits Open Season, I volunteered to provide FEHB guidance and support to crewmembers enrolling/updating
Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage as part of my self-motivated training plan for Purser promotion. Also, in
Purser preparation, I studied and trained in grievance and disciplinary measures as designated by the COMSC
policies and regulations. I have a clear understanding of employer, association, and employee rights, as well as
the agreed-upon mutual rights/obligations, shared in the employment relationship. Personnel management is a
crucial element of operational performance and productivity.

U.S. Department of Defense
Supply Utility-Man

7 days / 56 hours per week

Obtaining my Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Culinary Arts has played a major part in food handling
and the food preparation of all meals. I reflect immense integrity to the United States Department of Defense as
well as, the performance of general hotel service work such as food handling, preparation, serving meals,
laundry, cleaning and maintenance of staterooms, bathrooms, passageways and common areas of the ship.
While doing so I confidently exemplified extreme customer service to other Navy vessels as replenishment was
needed of all MSC civil service crewed ships. I completed the Food Service Management course with a final
score of 96. In completing this coursework I have demonstrated knowledge and abilities in evaluating General
Mess Records (NAVSUP Form 338), processing ration controls, I also monitored food service procedures, food
menu creation, provisions scheduling, and sanitation protocols. I helped to reduce food wastes by 22% by using
portion control and on-the-line stocking procedures. The preliminary focus centered on reducing wastes in meats
and fresh vegetables, as these groups yield the greatest losses and inventory worth. Through increased
personnel accountability (checklists, sign-offs, temperature charts, etc.), standardization has been achieved. I
have also participated in and independently conducted numerous subsistence inventories and the submission of
the monthly Food Service Accounting Records to MSFSC N41.

Franklin House

40 hrs/ 5 days per week

My daily role consisted of providing general support and customer service to all personnel and visitors, in person
or telephonically. Security was maintained by following safety procedures; monitoring logbook and issuing visitor
badges. Complying with procedures, rules, and regulations, I served as a liaison for internal and external clients
having attention to detail and problem solving, strength and ability to solve problems, strong organizational skills.

Kindred Health Care
Administrative Assistant

40hrs/ 5 days per wk

Duties performed were to establish and maintain personnel records for the department. I was an asset in
decision making with Human Resource Management to ensure accuracy and timeliness of personnel action
employees. Process personnel actions and/or discrepancies, prepare payroll information for department review,
response to employee questions regarding payroll, partner and consult with other department staff, prepares
department documents in regards to data management, assists with recruitment, assist in supervising office
employees, and assist with payroll.

Administrative Assistant

35 hrs/ 5 days per wk

Under the direct supervision of the owner of this privately owned business. I'd submit and reconcile expense
reports, strives for training to promote the company's continuous development, collaborate with other department
teams for the achievement of divergent results, write and distribute email, correspondence memos, letters, faxes,
and forms. In doing so I have become well-rounded with MS Office (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook). I
was instructed on how to recognize and interpret data management and its data resources. Effectively
multitasking by answering department switch-lines, providing assistance, inquired documents and information,
take messages, greets visitors, and/or potential clients.

I. Ashford University
Emergency Management

II. Culinary Institute of Virginia
Associates, Culinary Arts
III. Oscar F. Smith High