Patricia Koimn
Bandera, TX 78003

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Work experience
R,L, Nelson Construction Inc

R.L. Nelson Construction Inc

Not currently employed. The company is a foundation repair business. I answered phones and set up appointments for Mrs. Nelson to check a caller's foundation. Then typed a bid and sent to the potential client. If bid was accepted, set up the client as a new job and scheduled the work. When work completed, sent an invoice to client.


Admin Asst
Mann Frankfort Stein Lipp
After acquisitions, became UHY Advisers, LLP
Sold to BDO (5th largest CPA firm in the world)

You may contact Mesa Hodson, the person in charge of the Expat Department

Kerr McGee Center

There were 67
employees and we were all on the same floor. We also had several departments
(Litigation, Financial Reporting, Entrepreneurial Services, Profit Enhancement and Tax).
I was hired into the tax department. As part of my job, I kept up the file room and
processed some tax returns for the Shareholder I worked for. Processed tax returns meant
printing two copies of a tax return that had been prepared by tax preparers, attaching the
appropriate W-2's, putting a sign here sticker on the return, typing an envelope to the
correct IRS office and wrapping it around the tax return. Placing the copy of the return to
be mailed on one side of a folder and stamping the client copy of the tax return "copy"
and putting on other side of a folder. Then mailing the return to the client or prepare for
client pickup. Also a copy of the return was placed in the clients file called "Tax Return

In the file room, I began the process of sending thousands of client tax folders to off-site
storage. This was a tedious process in that a record had to be kept of every file sent to
storage. When I left BDO, I was still doing the same process, but with more detail
involved. I also retrieved files at a Shareholder's request.

In 1999, I became the Tax Processing Coordinator. By now we have merged with two
separate CPA firms and now occupy three and one-half floors. I now process the tax
returns for the entire tax department. I sometimes worked from 5:00 am and until 10:00
or 11:00 pm. I not only prepared the tax returns to be sent to the IRS, but also state tax

In 2004 began E-filing tax returns and was in charge of ensuring the returns were
accepted by the IRS. If they were rejected, I had to send the file back to the tax preparer
to get the return corrected.

By 2006, the tax department was divided into teams, which numbered eight. The tax
return processing was transferred from me alone to the Admin Assist for each team. I
had to write up the process and teach each Admin Assist how to prepare the tax return for
the client. This left me with nothing to do. So, I was given the task of scanning every
paper tax return ever done and saving it to each client's file on the computer. I completed
this task in 2008. I was then asked to join the Expat team which prepared tax returns for
huge companies with employees working all over the world. Given lots of responsibility,
including sending engagement letters to the companies that hire us to prepare their
employee's tax returns and also engagement letters to each of those employee's (over
300, later becoming over 500). Had to ensure each client and each company signed the
engagement letter and returned it to us or we could not prepare their return. Also sent
emails requesting data from each client so that we could prepare their returns.
Responsible for follow-up, for receiving the data, then scanning and saving the data into
our tax preparation software. We now began using a secure email program to send tax
returns to each client. This included writing the email explaining to the client what I was
sending them, what to do with the documents attached, where to sign the returns, what to
attach to the return, and where and when to mail it. They were also given instruction in
the email to return a signed efile authorization form so that I could efile their return with
the IRS or with the state. This required a lot of follow-up with the client. I also had to
password protect each document sent to the client.
As a side note, when some of these clients would visit the office, I was so familiar to
them that when I met them in person, they said, "So, this is the famous Pat Koimn."

In January, 2017, I was still with the Expat Group. Since BDO was a worldwide firm,
each process had to be followed in a really exact manner and as my responsibilities
increased, I decided to leave the company.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am exact and make sure my work is mistake-free.
I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.

University of Houston, one year only
Graduated High School

Not currently enrolled

  • Computer, Word, Excel
Silver Sage
Delivered Meals on Wheels
More information

I have worked part time in retail at Macy's and Target