Nichola Todd

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Work experience
Food and Nutrition Services

Remarkable ability to offer quality service with a keen eye to detail.
*Supervision of kitchen workers. Providing training when needed.
*Weekly ordering of food and supplies.
*Perform monthly inventory and daily production records.
*Fill in for cashier when needed.

Solstas Lab Partners

Collected venous and capillary blood, urine and stool samples from patients
*Compiled, verified, and filed laboratory results in patent's medical records
*Reviewed medical records for completeness, assembles records into standard order and files records in designated areas according to applicable filing system
*Distributed specimens to their respective testing departments and notifies technical staff of specimen status and tube location in order to expedite testing
*Demonstrated complete understanding of needles and tubes used in phlebotomy

Womack Army Hospital

Provided front desk assistance, performed receptionist duties, obtained medical records prior to scheduled appointments
*Compiled, verified and filed medical records
*Reviewed medical records for completeness and provided timely retrieval, research and disposition of each patient record
*Maintained and managed medical file room
*Filed laboratory results in the patient's medical record, created new medical files as needed
*Copied CPAC and NAF forms to be laced in CPAC/NAF book, making sure files were in compliance with regulations
*Assisted with DENTAC Immunization program in an administrative capacity
*Other duties as assigned

Pope Health Clinic

Obtained venous and capillary blood from patients
*Properly labeled and packaged specimens
*Performed tests within the laboratory and all specific conditions and procedures required to provide appropriate specimens for each test

Ashworth College

Fayetteville Technical Community College
Miller-Motte College
Associates, Electronic Medical Records
Fayetteville Technical Community College
Associates, Occupational Phlebotomy